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Cursor change?

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Be patient, it's on the list, I promise!

2 years later

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This Riot...

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I re-uploaded the easier to see modified versions of the default cursor, it doesn't make it any bigger but it does make it a lot more eye-catching. I'm no professional artist or anything but I think it turned out alright. Anyway you have to reapply the edit with every patch if you want to keep it unfortunately, but it really does help.

Page 4 post #2 - contains a guide as well as the utilities to modify the cursor as well as the cursors I modified and a sample of what it looks like.

Note - While I am mostly certain this is safe and doesn't break the rules as a bannable offense, I am not 100%, use at your own risk. However I have been using it since I made the other post and nothing bad has happened. I've never been warned or banned before.

Hope I could be of some help.

EDIT: I apologize, but this method no longer works, please refer to the guide below.

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I've stumbled upon another method of changing your cursor. There are a few guides out already, but I'll make one for here since it's the first thing in google:

Note: The cursors I modified are attached as well as a sample photo of what the hand looks like afterwards. I'm unsure how to take a screenshot in game where the cursor remains visible, so this'll have to do.

1. you must download RAFManager - http://www.itzwarty.com/RAF/ (http://www.itzwarty.com/RAF/)
The download link is located within the grey box to the right of the word "Binary".

2. install RAFManager
The install is straightforward I didn't have any issues, just double click the .exe and away you go.

3. find the cursors.ini file
If the program automatically located your league file like it did for me, the cursors.ini file is located at:

4. dump the cursors.ini file
right click Cursors.ini and click dump, put it somewhere easy to access (like the desktop) as you'll be modifying it.

5. modify the cursors.ini file
Navigate to where you stored the cursors.ini file, then open it with a text editor like notepad.
inside the cursors.ini file you want to change 3 lines if you intend to use all 3 cursors.
Underneath the heading [Hand1] there'll be a line that says File = <location>.Hand1.tga

What you need to do is change that location to where you are going to store your custom cursors that you downloaded, if you move them you will have to edit this again.
Example, mine says:
HotSpotX = 9
HotSpotY = 9
File = C:\Users\<User>\Desktop\Desktop icons\LoL colorblind cursors\Hand1.tga

The other ones you want to change are [Hand2]'s location if you want to use the other graphic. It splits the little star into two stars, this would be the graphic that shows when you highlight an allied unit or tower.

You also want to change [HoverEnemy] if you want to use the custom sword icon, which of course would show when hovering your mouse over a hostile enemy.

6. Run RAF Manager.exe
a black dos box will pop up to check for updates and then the actual manager will pop up in the center of your screen. Don't close either of these boxes until you are finished.

7. insert modified cursors.ini into RAF Manager
Click on the cursors.ini file and drag it onto the right hand box inside the RAF Manager program. Name it whatever you want, it is irrelevant.

8. Enable and pack the mod.
Click the check mark on the right so the text underneath the check says "Enabled", then right click the mod and click "Pack This File".

When you click pack this file, a few lines will show in the console box at the bottom. It'll say something like "Removing cursors.ini" and then a line underneath that it'll say "replacing cursors.ini", and then it'll say finished. Note: This program automatically backs up the file you're replacing in case it goes wrong.

9. Pack it one last time
Click File on the top left corner and then click Pack. After this has finished, you can click the X to close the program. You can also close the DOS Window. If the program doesn't say "Your mods have not yet been saved!", then it was correctly modified. Else, make sure the check box says enabled and repeat steps 8 and 9.

You're done! Boot up the game and give it a try.

Files included below: The example photo, a zip of the original .cur files, the modified cur files, and the .tga conversions. In case you don't trust .zip's, I've included the 3 .tga files below that you could download separately. .tga is an image format, nothing more.

If you have your own .cur files you'd like to use, I used this handy website: http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-tga (http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-tga)

Links to the guides I used to find this information:
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2938707 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2938707)
- this guy actually has his own modified files you could choose to use over the ones I did.

http://forum.gameguyz.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=24980 (hyperlinking doesn't seem to work, you'll have to copy and paste it into your address bar)
a rough guide that will require you to do small amounts of guesswork, also includes restoration instructions (Though you could just run league of legends launcher, click the gear on the top right, and click repair).

I hope this has been some help, the game is much more enjoyable when you don't lose track of your cursor!

*You will need to repeat this every patch due to how riot patches their games.

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Really 3 years later and we still cant change this with out 3rd party mods?

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Bump... Please, we need this. My cursor is too small, and i sometimes lose track of it onscreen. Just lost a game because of it, no kidding.

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"we'll do this soon" - 2 years later nothing, theres a pretty long list of things like this as i recall

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We definitely want to give you guys the ability to scale certain elements in the HUD independently, but right now there are a lot of other things that are higher priority, especially with the ramp up to Season 1. Be patient, it's on the list, I promise!

Two and a half years later.........still waiting....cursor is WAY to large and gets in the way of everything.

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Hert Dergs

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New player but have been playing pretty heavily for the last couple months. I am ALWAYS losing the red cursor in team fights. I want a nice, big, black and white cursor that doesn't blend in with health bars, effects, background, etc etc etc.

In team fights I can't even focus the guy I want to due to all the overlapping red on red.... Really annoying - ESPECIALLY to my teammates!