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How to Review a Champion

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We have been semi-stickied! Thank you, RiotAmes!

NEW! Multilingual version below! Check it out! (I can't guarantee it's accuracy though.)

Most likely, there is a Thread out there that explains this, as well. But I've been looking around recently, and many reviews I see are either
A) Not really reviews, as in people saying 'Wow, good idea!' or 'Dude, why is this so stupid?' Very common.

B) Badly written reviews, saying stuff like 'Yeah, this ability is stupid, and I don't like anything about it. Yes, this part is cool, but still scratch the whole thing.' Rude and a waste of time.

C) Forceful reviews, where the 'reviewer' tries to make the OP adopt their ideas. This is not only impolite, but if the OP actually LISTENS to the person being forceful, then it ceases to be their idea, which is not good for the creative process.

D) Well-written reviews. This is when you're lucky, and get someone who is willing to spend time on you and your champion, because honestly, it looks like this should turn out rather well.

Now, I know I'm no saint when it comes to nasty reviews. But I must admit, I'd been going through a breakup with my girlfriend then, so I was taking it out on the innocents of this forum. I'm posting a guide on exactly how to review a champion efficiently, well, and politely.

Preliminary Rule #1: Don't cuss. Some people (Me included) will ignore your entire post if you cuss them or the abilities out. So better safe than sorry.

Preliminary Rule #2: Actually thuroughly read the abilities. If you don't know the exact mechanics of what you're working with, you're going to be ignored.

Preliminary Rule #3: As mentioned below (Thank you, Dessim8) if the concept behind a champion is, let's say, death, and one of their abilities heals other champions, or maybe their concept is ice, and they shoot magma out of their hands, just point out that their basic layout isn't the same as their idea is. That should cinch it.

And these are the steps on how to review it.

Step #1: State ability/stat/passive you want to deal with. Just say something like 'Q: Impale,' or something like that. Or 'Passive: Necrotic Magnet.' For stats, just name the stat and give what it is, like 'Health: 455.' This is pretty simple, and most people are good about it.

Step #2: Explain how you think the ability works. Don't just go out there and assume you're right. You're probably wrong. Some abilities are pretty complex. You don't want to get confused.

Step #3: Ask any questions to clarify about how said ability works. That way, they understand why you didn't criticize (The official term, even if you're praising the ability) that section of the ability.

Step #4: Say what you liked about the ability. Like, 'I like how it heals you instantly, that's a cool feature.' Tag on things like 'but I think the damage is too high; touch it down a bit' if you think that the good idea just needs a bit of reworking.

Step #5: Say what you don't like about the ability. Such as, 'Although CC is good, I think Suppression is saved for the ults. Remove that, or rework the ability to replace it with something else.' Notice how I said Rework. That means, take a similar concept, but replace the original with a different one.

Step #6: Sum up your entire review. Don't go into details, just say what you liked, what you didn't like, and what you didn't understand.

Final Step: After you've reviewed all the individual pieces of a champion, review the champion as a whole: How well do they combo? Do they have no ability to combo? Do they combo far too well? (Possible. Check out the 'Chain Master.' It's quite obvious the order in which he gets his abilities.) Do they agree with the basic concept? Also, if you feel like it, review the art/story behind the character. This isn't always necessary, but sometimes, the story and appearance can explain their abilities. Which can make a difference. So try and get that into your overall review.

And then move on. I can guarantee you, if you use this system while reviewing, if that person cares anything about that champ, they'll pay attention to your post, whether it's a good idea or not. Stay strong. Without good reviewers, this forum would crawl off and die.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you should be friendly, you are not there to be their friend. If it needs to be utterly scrapped, because it's anti-fun, has over-complicated abilities, etc, etc, then don't be afraid to say 'you know what, I don't think this guy is going to work. At all.' It's part of your job as a reviewer. Even though most champions are redeemable, if their abilities are too scrappy, say they are. I know from experience; one of my guys was utterly broken, in terms of his ultimate. It was overpowered, anti-fun for both teams, and had no real drawbacks. I scrapped it entirely.

Don't make the person you're reviewing adopt any of your ideas. Yes, this forum is meant to express creativity. But if you have such a great idea for a champion, why don't you put it out there as your own, instead of infringing on other people's reviews? It would be a great motion towards the creative flow of this forum, instead of making people conform to each other's wishes.

Thanks to everyone, from Aetherspawn, Promethius, Echoing, FelixKam, and onwards, who gave this thread support and gave me suggestions as to how to make it better!


EDiT: Thank you to the 12,000 people who have viewed this thread! We are now one of the most popular threads on Champion Creations, second only to the Bunnygirl Riven thread (Which was moved after a long stint in GD) and the 'We Need A Duck' threads! Thank you again!

EDiT 2: OMG, 100 upvotes AND 21,000 views! So cool!

EDiT 3: Great, we broke 30,000! I think we're among the most viewed non-sticky threads here...but I'm not sure.

Last note: This is not a 'I will review your champion' thread. A lot of people have come here and posted their champs for review; you're welcome to still do that, but I'm not going to be the one reviewing it. Maybe a kind Samaritan will do it for you.

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Multilingual Version

En Francais

Très probablement, il ya une discussion là-bas qui explique cela, aussi bien. Mais j'ai été récemment en regardant autour, et de nombreux commentaires que je vois sont soit
A) Pas vraiment critiques, comme dans les gens disent: "Wow, bonne idée! ou «Mec, pourquoi est-ce si stupide? Très fréquent.

B) mal écrit des critiques, en disant des trucs comme "Ouais, cette capacité est stupide, et je n'aime pas quelque chose à ce sujet. Oui, cette partie est cool, mais toujours gratter le tout. " Rude et une perte de temps.

C) commentaires énergiques, où le «réviseur» essaie de rendre les OP d'adopter leurs idées. Ce n'est pas seulement impoli, mais si l'OP écoute réellement à la personne étant énergique, alors il cesse d'être leur idée, qui n'est pas bon pour le processus créatif.

D) bien écrits critiques. C'est quand vous avez de la chance, et demandez à quelqu'un qui est prêt à passer du temps sur vous et votre champion, parce que honnêtement, ça ressemble à ça devrait tourner plutôt bien.

Maintenant, je sais que je ne suis pas un saint quand il s'agit de commentaires désagréables. Mais je dois avouer, j'avais été en passant par une rupture avec ma copine, donc je le prenait sur les innocents de ce forum. Je poste un guide sur la manière exacte de revoir un champion efficace, eh bien, et poliment.

Règle préliminaire n ° 1: Ne pas jurer. Certaines personnes (moi y compris) ne tiendra pas compte de votre message en entier si vous jurer eux ou les capacités hors. Donc, mieux vaut prévenir que guérir.

Règle préliminaire # 2: En fait thuroughly lire les capacités. Si vous ne connaissez pas les mécanismes exacts de ce que vous travaillez avec, vous allez être ignoré.

Règle préliminaire n ° 3: Comme mentionné ci-dessous (Merci, Dessim8) si le concept derrière un champion, c'est, disons, la mort, et un de leurs capacités guérit d'autres champions, ou peut-être leur concept de la glace, et ils tirent le magma de leur les mains, juste souligner que leur mise en page de base n'est pas le même que leur idée est. Cela devrait cinch.

Et ce sont les étapes à suivre pour l'examiner.

Étape # 1: la capacité de l'État / stat / passive que vous voulez traiter. Il suffit de dire quelque chose comme «Q: Empaler,» ou quelque chose comme ça. Ou «passive: Magnet nécrotique. Pour les statistiques, il suffit de nommer la stat et donner ce qu'il est, comme «la santé:. 455 ' C'est assez simple, et la plupart des gens sont bons à ce sujet.

Étape # 2: Expliquez comment vous pensez que la technique fonctionne. Ne pas aller là-bas et supposons que vous avez raison. Vous êtes probablement tort. Certaines capacités sont assez complexes. Vous ne voulez pas de se confondre.

Étape # 3: Posez vos questions à clarifier la façon dont ces œuvres capacité. De cette façon, ils comprennent pourquoi vous n'avez pas de critiquer (Le terme officiel, même si vous êtes en louant la capacité) de cet article de la capacité.

Étape # 4: Dites ce que vous avez aimé au sujet de la capacité. Comme, «J'aime la façon dont il te guérit instantanément, c'est une fonctionnalité très pratique." Tag sur des choses comme 'mais je pense que le dommage est trop élevé, il atterrira un peu "si vous pensez que la bonne idée a juste besoin d'un peu de remaniement.

Étape # 5: Dites ce que vous n'aimez pas la capacité. Tels que, «Bien que CC est bon, je pense que la répression est enregistrée pour l 'ÜLTS. Retirez ce que, ou retravailler la capacité de le remplacer par autre chose. " Remarquez comment je l'ai dit Retravailler. Cela signifie que, de prendre un concept similaire, mais remplacer l'original avec un autre.

Étape # 6: Résumez votre avis entière. Ne pas entrer dans les détails, il suffit de dire ce que vous avez aimé, ce que vous n'avez pas aimé, et ce que vous ne comprenez pas.

Etape finale: Après avoir passé en revue toutes les pièces individuelles d'un champion, revoir le champion dans son ensemble: Comment se débrouillent-ils combo? Est-ce qu'ils n'ont aucune possibilité de combo? Ont-ils combo trop bien? (Possible. Consultez le «Maître de la chaîne." Il est bien évident l'ordre dans lequel il obtient ses capacités.)-Ils d'accord avec le concept de base? En outre, si vous en avez envie, passez en revue l'art / histoire derrière le personnage. Ce n'est pas toujours nécessaire, mais parfois, l'histoire et l'apparence peuvent expliquer leurs capacités. Qui peut faire une différence. Donc, essayer d'obtenir que dans votre examen général.

Et puis passer à autre chose. Je peux vous garantir, si vous utilisez ce système lors de l'examen, si cette personne se soucie rien à ce sujet champion, ils vont faire attention à votre poste, que ce soit une bonne idée ou non. Restez forts. Sans de bonnes critiques, ce forum serait ramper hors et mourir.

NOTE IMPORTANTE: Bien que vous devriez être amical, vous n'êtes pas là pour être leur ami. Si elle a besoin pour être tout à fait mis au rebut, parce que c'est anti-plaisir, a trop compliquées capacités, etc, etc, alors il ne faut pas avoir peur de dire «vous savez quoi, je ne pense pas que ce gars-là est d'aller travailler. Pas du tout. " Il fait partie de votre travail en tant que réviseur. Même si la plupart des champions sont rachetables, si leurs capacités sont trop décousu, disent qu'ils sont. Je sais par expérience, l'un de mes gars était complètement brisé, en termes de son ultime. Il a été maîtrisé, anti-fun pour les deux équipes, et n'avait pas de réels inconvénients. Je l'ai mis au rebut entièrement.

DEUXIEME NOTE IMPORTANTE: Ne faites pas la personne que vous commentez adopter l'un de vos idées. Oui, ce forum est destiné à exprimer la créativité. Mais si vous avez une bonne idée pour un champion, pourquoi ne pas le mettre là que la vôtre, au lieu d'empiéter sur avis d'autres personnes? Ce serait un grand mouvement vers le flux créatif de ce forum, au lieu de rendre les gens se conformer à uns et des autres souhaits.

Merci à tous, à partir de Aetherspawn, Promethius, les écho, FelixKam et versions ultérieures, qui ont donné cet appui fil et m'a donné des suggestions sur la façon de faire mieux!


En Espanol

Lo más probable, hay un hilo por ahí que lo explica, también. Pero he estado buscando recientemente, y muchos comentarios que veo son bien
A) En realidad no críticas, como en la gente diciendo '¡Vaya, buena idea! " o "Colega, ¿por qué es tan estúpido? ' Muy común.

B) mal escrito comentarios, diciendo cosas como 'Sí, esta capacidad es estúpido, y no me gusta nada al respecto. Sí, esta parte es bueno, pero todavía rascarse todo el asunto. " Grosero y una pérdida de tiempo.

C) De potente, que el "revisor" trata de hacer el PO adoptar sus ideas. Esto no sólo es descortés, pero si el PO en realidad escucha a la persona de ser contundente, entonces deja de ser su idea, que no es bueno para el proceso creativo.

D) bien escrito críticas. Esto es cuando tienes suerte, y conseguir a alguien que esté dispuesto a pasar tiempo en que usted y su campeón, porque honestamente, parece que esto debe salir bastante bien.

Ahora, sé que no soy un santo cuando se trata de comentarios desagradables. Pero debo admitir, que había estado pasando por una ruptura con mi novia de entonces, por lo que lo estaba sacando a los inocentes de este foro. Les dejo una guía sobre la forma exacta para revisar un campeón de manera eficiente, bueno, y con educación.

Regla Preliminar N º 1: No maldecir. Algunas personas (yo incluido) no hará caso de su mensaje completo si maldecir ellos o las habilidades de los a cabo. Así que más vale prevenir que curar.

Regla Preliminar N º 2: En realidad thuroughly leer las habilidades. Si usted no sabe los mecanismos exactos de lo que usted está trabajando, vas a ser ignorado.

Regla Preliminar N º 3: Como se ha mencionado más abajo (¡Gracias, Dessim8) si el concepto detrás de un campeón es, digamos, la muerte, y una de sus habilidades sana otros campeones, o tal vez su concepto es el hielo, y se dispara el magma de su manos, sólo señalar que su diseño básico no es lo mismo que su idea es. Eso debería juego de niños.

Y estos son los pasos a seguir para su revisión.

Paso # 1: la capacidad del Estado / stat / pasivo que desea tratar. Sólo decir algo así como 'Q: Empalar', o algo por el estilo. O "pasiva: Imán necrótico. Para las estadísticas, sólo el nombre de la estadística y dar lo que es, como 'Salud:. 455' Esto es bastante sencillo, y la mayoría de las personas son buenas al respecto.

Paso # 2: Explica cómo crees que la capacidad de funcionamiento. No sólo tiene que ir por ahí y se supone que tienes razón. Probablemente usted está equivocado. Algunas habilidades son bastante complejos. Usted no quiere que se confundan.

Paso # 3: Haga todas las preguntas para aclarar acerca de cómo la capacidad de dichas obras. De esa manera, ellos entienden por qué no critican (El término oficial, incluso si usted está elogiando la capacidad), que parte de la capacidad.

Paso # 4: Di lo que te gustó de la capacidad. Al igual que, "Me gusta la forma en que te cura al instante, eso es una característica interesante." Etiqueta en cosas como "pero creo que el daño es demasiado alta, tocar un poco" si usted piensa que la buena idea sólo necesita un poco de volver a trabajar.

Paso # 5: Diga lo que no me gusta de la capacidad. Tales como: "A pesar de CC es bueno, creo que la supresión se guarda para la ÜLTS. Quite eso, o reelaborar la posibilidad de reemplazarlo por otra cosa. Observe cómo he dicho retrabajo. Eso significa, tomar un concepto similar, pero sustituir el original por uno diferente.

Paso # 6: resumir su revisión completa. No entraré en detalles, simplemente decir lo que te gustó, lo que no le gustaba, y lo que no entendía.

Paso final: Después de haber examinado todas las piezas individuales de un campeón, el campeón de revisar en su conjunto: ¿Qué tan bien lo hacen combo? ¿Es que no tienen capacidad de combo? ¿Es que combo demasiado bien? (Possible. Echa un vistazo a la 'Master Cadena. "Es bastante obvio el orden en que se pone sus habilidades.) ¿Están de acuerdo con el concepto básico? Además, si te apetece, revisar el arte / historia que hay detrás del personaje. Esto no siempre es necesario, pero a veces, la historia y la apariencia pueden explicar sus habilidades. ¿Qué puede hacer la diferencia. Así que tratar de conseguir que en su examen general.

Y luego seguir adelante. Te puedo garantizar, si se utiliza este sistema durante la revisión, si esa persona le interesa saber de que el campeón, que van a prestar atención a su mensaje, si es una buena idea o no. Mantente fuerte. Sin buenos revisores, este foro se arrastran, y se perderán.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: Aunque usted debe ser amable, no están ahí para ser su amigo. Si tiene que ser totalmente descartado, porque es anti-diversión, cuenta con más de complicadas habilidades, etc, etc, entonces no tengas miedo de decir 'sabes qué, no creo que este chico va a funcionar. En todo. Es parte de su trabajo como crítico. A pesar de que la mayoría de los campeones se pueden canjear, si sus habilidades son muy rudimentario, dicen que son. Sé por experiencia, uno de mis chicos se rompió por completo, en términos de su final. Se dominó, anti-diversión para ambos equipos, y no tuvo inconvenientes reales. Lo desechado por completo.

SEGUNDA NOTA IMPORTANTE: No haga que la persona que usted está opinando sobre adopción de cualquiera de sus ideas. Sí, este foro está destinado a expresar la creatividad. Pero si usted tiene una gran idea para un campeón, ¿por qué no decirlo por ahí como el suyo propio, en lugar de infringir los comentarios de otras personas? Sería un gran movimiento hacia el flujo creativo de este foro, en lugar de hacer que las personas se ajustan a los deseos del otro.

Gracias a todos, desde Aetherspawn, Promethius y FelixKam Haciéndose eco, y en adelante, que dieron este apoyo de hilos, y me dio sugerencias sobre cómo hacerlo mejor!


In der deutschen

Wahrscheinlich gibt es ein Thema gibt, das erklärt, wie gut. Aber ich habe dich schon rund vor kurzem, und viele Kritiken, die ich sehen, sind entweder
A) Nicht wirklich ansehen, wie im Menschen, die sagen 'Wow, gute Idee! " oder "Ey Mann, warum ist das so dumm sein?" Sehr häufig.

B) Badly Rezensionen geschrieben und sagte Sachen wie: 'Ja, diese Fähigkeit ist dumm, und ich mag es nicht etwas dagegen. Ja, dies ist Teil kühler, aber immer noch kratzen die ganze Sache. " Rude und eine Verschwendung von Zeit.

C) Forceful Testberichte, wo der 'Gutachter' versucht, über die die OP übernehmen, ihre Ideen. Dies ist nicht nur unhöflich, aber wenn die OP tatsächlich hört sich die Person, die kraftvoll, dann hört sie auf, ihre Idee, das ist nicht gut für den kreativen Prozess zu sein.

D) Gut geschriebene Bewertungen. Dies ist, wenn Sie Glück haben, bekommen und jemanden, der bereit ist, Zeit für Sie und Ihre Meister zu verbringen, denn ehrlich gesagt, dass sie so aussieht herausstellen sollte, recht gut ist.

Jetzt weiß ich, ich bin kein Heiliger, wenn es um fiese Bewertungen kommt. Aber ich muss zugeben, ich würde durch einen Bruch gegangen mit meiner Freundin dann, so nahm ich es heraus auf der Unschuldigen dieses Forums. Ich bin Ihr eine Anleitung, genau, wie man einen Champion effizient, gut und höflich zu überprüfen.

Vorläufige Regel # 1: Nicht fluchen. Einige Leute (mich eingeschlossen) ignoriert Ihre gesamte Post, wenn man sie fluchen oder die Fähigkeiten aus. Also besser als Nachsicht.

Vorläufige Regel # 2: Eigentlich thuroughly lesen Sie die Fähigkeiten. Wenn Sie nicht wissen, die genaue Mechanik, was Sie gerade arbeiten, wirst du ignoriert.

Vorläufige Regel # 3: Wie weiter unten (Danke, Dessim8) erwähnt, wenn das Konzept hinter einem Champion ist, sagen wir mal, heilt den Tod, und einer der ihren Fähigkeiten andere Champions, oder vielleicht ihr Konzept ist Eis, und sie schießen Magma aus ihren Hände, nur darauf hinweisen, dass ihre Basis-Layout nicht das gleiche ist wie ihre Idee ist. Das sollte es Cinch.

Und dies sind die Schritte auf, wie es zu überprüfen.

Schritt # 1: Staatliche Fähigkeit / stat / passiven Sie zu tun haben. Sagen Sie einfach, so etwas wie "Q: Aufspießen," oder so ähnlich. Oder "passives: Nekrotische Magnet." Für Statistiken, nur nennen die stat und geben, was es ist wie 'Gesundheit:. 455' Das ist ziemlich einfach, und die meisten Leute sind gut dabei.

Schritt # 2: Erläutern Sie, wie Sie denken, die Fähigkeit funktioniert. Nicht nur gehen raus und nehme an, du hast Recht. Sie sind wahrscheinlich falsch. Einige Fähigkeiten sind ziemlich komplex. Sie wollen nicht zu verwirren.

Schritt # 3: Stellen Sie Fragen zu überlegen, wie gesagt Fähigkeit Werke zu klären. Auf diese Weise verstehen sie, warum dies nicht zu kritisieren (die offizielle Bezeichnung, auch wenn Sie lobten die Fähigkeit sind) den entsprechenden Abschnitt der Fähigkeit.

Schritt # 4: Sag, was du über die Fähigkeit mochte. Wie: "Ich mag, wie es dich heilt sofort, das ist ein cooles Feature." Tag auf Dinge wie "aber ich denke, der Schaden ist zu hoch; berühren etwas nach unten ', wenn Sie, dass die gute Idee braucht nur ein bisschen Nacharbeit zu denken.

Schritt # 5: Sagen Sie, was Sie nicht über die Fähigkeit mögen. Wie zum Beispiel: "Obwohl CC ist gut, denke ich, für die Unterdrückung ultate wird gespeichert. Entfernen Sie das, oder Nacharbeit die Fähigkeit, sie durch etwas anderes ersetzen. " Beachten Sie, wie ich sagte Nacharbeit. Das heißt, nehmen Sie ein ähnliches Konzept, aber Ersatz für das Original durch eine andere.

Schritt # 6: Fassen Sie Ihre gesamte Kritik. Nicht ins Detail zu gehen, sagen Sie einfach, was Ihnen gefallen, was Sie nicht mögen, und was man nicht verstand.

Letzter Schritt: Nachdem Sie alle Einzelteile eines Champions bewertet haben, lesen Sie die Champion als Ganzes: Wie gut sie Combo? Haben sie keine Möglichkeit, Combo? Haben sie Combo viel zu gut? (Possible. Schauen Sie sich das 'Chain Master. "Es ist ziemlich offensichtlich, in welcher Reihenfolge er bekommt seine Fähigkeiten.) Haben sie mit dem grundlegenden Konzept zustimmen? Auch, wenn Sie Lust dazu haben, überprüfen Sie die Kunst / Geschichte hinter dem Charakter. Dies ist nicht immer notwendig, aber manchmal, die Geschichte und das Aussehen können ihre Fähigkeiten zu erklären. Welche können einen Unterschied machen. Also versuchen, dass in Ihren allgemeinen Überprüfung.

Und dann weiterziehen. Ich kann Ihnen garantieren, wenn Sie dieses System bei der Überprüfung, ob diese Person interessiert etwas über diesen champ, werden sie die Aufmerksamkeit auf Ihre Post zu bezahlen, ob es eine gute Idee ist oder nicht. Bleiben Sie stark. Ohne gute Rezensenten, wäre dies Forum verkriechen und sterben.

WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Obwohl Sie sollten freundlich sein, du bist nicht da, um ihren Freund zu sein. Wenn es um völlig verschrottet werden, weil es Spaß macht Anti-braucht, hat übermäßig komplizierte Fähigkeiten, etc, etc, dann nicht scheuen zu sagen, "weißt du was, ich glaube nicht, dass dieser Kerl ist zur Arbeit zu gehen. An allen. " Es ist Teil Ihrer Arbeit als Gutachter. Auch wenn die meisten Champions einlösbar sind, wenn ihre Fähigkeiten zu Scrappy sind, sagen sie sind. Ich weiß aus Erfahrung, einer meiner Jungs war völlig gebrochen, im Hinblick auf sein letztes. Er wurde überwältigt, Anti-Spaß für beide Mannschaften, und hatte keine wirklichen Nachteile. Ich verschrottet es völlig.

ZWEITE WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Machen Sie nicht den Person, die Sie erlässt keine Überprüfung Ihrer Ideen sind. Ja, ist dieses Forum gedacht, um Kreativität auszudrücken. Aber wenn du so eine tolle Idee für einen Champion haben, warum nicht du es da draußen als Ihre eigene, statt zu verletzen andere Menschen den Rezensionen? Es wäre eine große Bewegung zum kreativen Fluss dieses Forums sein, anstatt Menschen entsprechen den jeweils anderen Wünsche.

Vielen Dank an alle, von Aetherspawn, Promethius, Echoing, FelixKam, und weiter, die diesen Thread Unterstützung gab und gab mir Vorschläge, wie es besser zu machen!


Em Português (Hue)

Provavelmente, há uma discussão lá fora, que explica isso, também. Mas eu estive procurando por aí recentemente, e muitos comentários que vejo são ou
A) Não realmente revisões, como em pessoas dizendo 'Uau, boa idéia! " ou "Cara, por isso é tão estúpido?" Muito comum.

B) mal escrito opiniões, dizendo coisas como 'Sim, esta habilidade é estúpido, e eu não gosto de nada sobre isso. Sim, essa parte é legal, mas ainda arranhar a coisa toda. " Rude e um desperdício de tempo.

C) opiniões fortes, onde o "revisor" tenta fazer o OP adotar suas idéias. Isto não é só falta de educação, mas se o OP presta atenção ao que a pessoa esteja forte, então ela deixa de ser a sua ideia, que não é bom para o processo criativo.

D) bem escritos comentários. Isto é, quando você tiver sorte e conseguir alguém que esteja disposto a gastar tempo com você e seu campeão, porque, honestamente, parece que isso deve vir muito bem.

Agora, eu sei que não sou nenhum santo quando se trata de comentários desagradáveis. Mas devo admitir, eu estava passando por um rompimento com a minha namorada, então eu estava tirando-o sobre os inocentes deste fórum. Estou postando um guia sobre como exatamente para rever um campeão de forma eficiente, bem, e educadamente.

Regra Preliminar n º 1: Não xingar. Algumas pessoas (eu incluído) vão ignorar seu post inteiro se você xingar eles ou as habilidades fora. Então é melhor prevenir do que remediar.

Regra Preliminar n º 2: Na verdade thuroughly ler as habilidades. Se você não sabe os mecanismos exatos sobre o que você está trabalhando, você vai ser ignorado.

Regra preliminar # 3: Como mencionado abaixo (Obrigada, Dessim8) se o conceito por trás de um campeão é, vamos dizer, a morte, e uma de suas habilidades cura outros campeões, ou talvez seu conceito é gelo, e eles atiram magma fora de seu mãos, apenas de salientar que a sua disposição básica não é o mesmo que sua idéia é. Isso deve cinch-lo.

E estes são os passos sobre como analisá-lo.

Etapa # 1: habilidade Estado / stat / passivo pretende lidar com eles. Basta dizer algo como 'Q: Impale', ou algo assim. Ou "Passive: Ímã necrosado. Para estatísticas, apenas citar o teste e dar o que é, como "Saúde:. 455 ' Isso é muito simples, ea maioria das pessoas são boas nisso.

Etapa # 2: Explique como você acha que a habilidade funciona. Não basta ir lá e assumir que você está certo. Você provavelmente está errado. Algumas habilidades são bastante complexas. Você não quer se confundir.

Etapa # 3: Pergunte a qualquer pergunta para esclarecer sobre como disse funciona capacidade. Dessa forma, eles entendem por que você não criticar (O termo oficial, mesmo se você estiver louvando a capacidade) que parte da capacidade.

Etapa # 4: Diga o que você gostou sobre a capacidade. Tipo, 'Eu gosto de como ele cura você instantaneamente, que é um recurso interessante. " Tag em coisas como "mas eu acho que o dano é muito alto; tocar um pouco mais baixo" se você acha que a boa idéia só precisa de um pouco de reformulação.

Etapa # 5: Diga o que você não gosta sobre a capacidade. Tais como, "Apesar de CC é bom, eu acho que é guardado para Supressão ÜLTS. Retire que, ou o retrabalho a capacidade de substituí-la por outra coisa. " Observe como eu disse Retrabalho. Isso significa, ter um conceito similar, mas substituir o original com um diferente.

Etapa # 6: Soma-se a sua revisão inteira. Não entrarei em detalhes, basta dizer o que você gostou, o que você não gosta, eo que você não entendeu.

Etapa Final: Depois de rever todas as peças individuais de um campeão, rever o campeão como um todo: quão bem eles combo? Será que eles não têm capacidade de combinação? Será que eles combinação muito bem? (Possible. Confira o 'Master Chain. "É bastante óbvio que a ordem em que ele começa suas habilidades.) Será que eles concordam com o conceito básico? Além disso, se você sentir como ele, rever a arte / história por trás do personagem. Isso nem sempre é necessário, mas às vezes, a história ea aparência pode explicar as suas habilidades. Que pode fazer a diferença. Então, tentar e conseguir que em sua revisão global.

E então seguir em frente. Eu posso lhe garantir, se você usar este sistema durante a revisão, se essa pessoa se importa nada sobre isso campeão, eles vão prestar atenção ao seu post, se é uma boa idéia ou não. Fique forte. Sem revisores bons, este fórum seria rastrear e morrer.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: Embora você deva ser amigável, você não está lá para ser seu amigo. Se ele precisa ser totalmente descartado, porque é anti-divertido, tem mais complicadas habilidades, etc, etc, então não tenha medo de dizer 'você sabe, eu não acho que esse cara está indo para o trabalho. Em tudo. " É parte de seu trabalho como revisor. Embora a maioria dos campeões são resgatáveis, se suas habilidades são muito desconexo, dizem que são. Sei, por experiência, um dos meus homens foi totalmente quebrado, em termos de seu final. Ele foi rendido, anti-divertido para ambas as equipes, e não teve inconvenientes reais. Eu descartado inteiramente.

SEGUNDA NOTA IMPORTANTE: Não faça a pessoa que você está revendo adotar algumas de suas idéias. Sim, este fórum destina-se a expressar sua criatividade. Mas se você tiver uma grande idéia para um campeão, por que não colocá-lo lá fora, como sua própria, em vez de infringir a opiniões de outras pessoas? Seria um grande movimento na direção do fluxo criativo deste fórum, em vez de fazer as pessoas estão em conformidade com cada um dos outros desejos.

Obrigado a todos, desde Aetherspawn, Promethius Reverberante, FelixKam, e nos anos subsequentes, que deram esse apoio thread e me deu sugestões de como fazer melhor!


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thank god someone did this i was about to.

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Dont forget the concept itself. You can't have a whole picture just with the abilities and as I've said before, if a skill can be balanced with different numbers, then there is practically no problem unless the writer refuses to tweak said numbers.

Also, if someone has say an ice champion with all fire and earth skills... notice! Be curious why a giant iceball shoots magma out of its pectoral muscles!

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Well, I just thought that was obvious...but I could add that to preliminary rules. Anyways, check back in a minute for new, improved rules on good reviewing!

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Certainly a good guide to reviewing. Hopefully I'll see more reviews in my concept topics that follow these guidelines.

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Contrary to popular belief, numbers on skills ARE important when making a champion concept.

Those are the nuances for the concept. A concept can not be judged without adequate information. The more the better.

If you LACK information, say you don't know the range, missile speed, or CD on a skill shot that stun people for 2s, then it is a lot harder to judge the kit.

Numbers describe intent. If the missile is fast and low damage, then I can recognize a poke skill designed for lane harass or stand offs.

If it's got a decent CD but has solid CC and area of effect, then that's an initiation skill designed to affect as much of the enemy team as possible that requires Flash or another skill to help it.

If it dashes a long range at a champion and has a long CD, then it's a gap closer for assassins to nuke their target.

If it's a dash with short range aimed at any where, then it's a mobility skill.

If it's a mid-range dash that has no solid target, then it's an escape skill for a carry.

Numbers matter. They hide intent. Include them or else a champion can not be accurately judged on based on your idea, because your idea involves NUMBERS.

EDIT: I'll use Jay's concept to illustrate my point.

Basic skill: Auto-attack mod that does physical damage. Heals for set amount of inflicted damage over time.

60% heal over 5 seconds


45% heal over 2.5 seconds

Want to know what these numbers imply?

The first variation of the skill means sustain. It isn't combat-oriented. It's for tanky champions who can afford to take 5 seconds to heal off their damage. The first skill is aimed at letting the champion own the lane and stay there forever.

The second variation? Combat focus. Healing larger chunks in shorter time implies the champion is a squishy or someone that doesn't normally build defense. That champion is more focused on dealing damage, so his lower heal percentage is covered by the higher auto-attack. It also implies stronger anti-burst mechanics in a lane, but much weaker sustained combat because the heal fades fast. Also much less susceptible to ignite and heal debuffs.

With two numbers different, I can read this about the champion and divine the design intent.


EDIT; 1-22-12:

Today, I'm going to explain why certain reviews are bad.

This is my example:

Q: OP. I'd suggest range reduction(you would be able to attack people right under their turrets while being outside turret range), cooldown increase, mana cost increase(lv. 5 mana is less than most equivalent abilities at level 1)

W: Does too much damage to be CC only. I would at least halve the damage and the AP ratio.

E: again low mana costs, and too high damage and range.

R: Way OP. Actually, ultimates aren't more overpowered than other abilities. Their power is mitigated by other things, usually high cooldowns. I would suggest having a time limit of how long it stays up and a longer cooldown, at least 30 seconds.

See, this is one of those "reviews" that amount up to "cool concept, bro".

It gives **** all for critique, no reasoning for ANY of his suggestions, absolute jack-all understanding of the concept. Here, let me break down where he went wrong.

Q: OP. I'd suggest range reduction(you would be able to attack people right under their turrets while being outside turret range), cooldown increase, mana cost increase(lv. 5 mana is less than most equivalent abilities at level 1)

List of rambling stupid suggestions that looked at ONE skill for one skill. No references to how the kit works, exactly what IS overpowered outside of a "This is more or less than I'm used to. It MUST be overpowered if it has more range than normal while being the ONLY attack skill that has a higher than .4 ratio and a 8s CD attached to it".

There is ZERO looking at how this skill actually functions in the core of the group.


W: Does too much damage to be CC only. I would at least halve the damage and the AP ratio.

And ANOTHER moronic section. To this idiot, an 8s CD + 1.5s stun + 200 base (.4 AP) is "too much" damage for a tank. He obviously has NEVER looked at any other CC skill in his entire gaming time.

If you're going to show your newb side, don't be THAT obvious about it.


E: again low mana costs, and too high damage and range.

ANOTHER time he shows how stupid he is by saying an almost identical Amumu Q skill, with 1/2 the CC and 200 (.3 AP) damage is apparently "too far and strong". Yeah, go die in a ditch if you're going to be that oblivious.


R: Way OP. Actually, ultimates aren't more overpowered than other abilities. Their power is mitigated by other things, usually high cooldowns. I would suggest having a time limit of how long it stays up and a longer cooldown, at least 30 seconds.

In this Quote: No ****ing clue on what he's talking about.

An Ulti that takes a full 10s to meet Rammus Tremor's full damage is apparently too strong, especially when it costs 10 times the mana to achieve that damage.

Picture old Taric ulti that did damage and slowed/hasted people instead of AD buffs. That's what he's referring to. A Self-AOE with a 15% AOE slow and 8% team speed boost that has scaling mana costs, all the way up to100 mana per second at 5 seconds after use.

In other words, he has no clue at ALL how this ability fits in with the kit, the relative costs and limitations of the ability, and how much damage OTHER abilities actually put out for much lower prices.

If you're gonna post a review, make sure you don't look like an absolute moron doing it, especially if the only reason you're reviewing is to get a review back.

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I'm bumping this thread again. Thank you, Prometheus, for your excellent point on how much numbers matter. (Again, I thought it was quite obvious...)

IMO, though, there is one stage of character development in which stats do not need numbers, i.e. the early concept stage, where you lay out the basic ideas without having to give any stats. I've made a variety of 'Character Cards' with some basic champion concepts; graphics, ability styles, storyline, and basic stats. If you're just starting a champion, you work from there up. If you're improving a champion or moving to the next stage, you work from the stats up.

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Bumping. This needs to be known! It's a bit of work, yes, but everything will move so much quicker! And you won't have wall-o-text-ers as often.