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Fizz runes/builds

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DoT Sharken



Ok so i finally got to lvl 20 (Hurray) and i have no idea what runes to get?
My basic start is i go mid with boots, 3 potions, and a ward.
Then as follows:
1 dorans ring, 4 potions, a ward
2 dorans rings, 4 potions, award
Sorc boots
Needlessly large rod, blasting wand
giant belt
frozen heart
My masteries are:
and now i need some runes
Any suggestions on runes or comments on my build?

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Senior Member


can i suggest a few things.

Warmogs is a waste if you are after HP (which you should being a melee mage)
This is copied from a guide i made so sorry for the tages but it will still help

Quick Guide:
[item=Boots of Speed] + [item=Health potion] x 3
First trip back:
[item=Catalyst the Protector]
Second Trip back:

[item=Rod of Ages]
Third Trip:
[item=Sorcerer's Shoes]
[item=Blasting Wand]
[item=Giant's Belt]
Finish up the core when able:
[item=Rylai's Crystal Scepter]

buying HP pots when you can and of course a few wards to help your team.

Red: [rune=Greater Mark of Insight] x9

This gives you more damage what else can I say it would be foolish not to include these.
Yellow: there are a few options here my Preference.

[rune=Greater Seal of Force] x9

this gives you a nice amount of AP in the mid/late game which is where you will be doing a lot of your damage.

Other options:

[rune=Greater Seal of Resilience] x9 [rune=Greater Seal of Clarity] x9 [rune=Greater Seal of Vitality] x9
Blue: There are 2-3 viable options here as well my preference again is:
Ap per level [rune=Greater Glyph of Force] x9

Same reasoning as yellow.

Other options:

[rune=Greater Glyph of Shielding] x9 [rune=Greater Glyph of Celerity] x9
Quints: 2 viable options here with 2 options for the newer players still learning Fizz, My preference.
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Swiftness] x3 or [rune=Greater Quintessence of Potency] x3

Either one is fine just which ever suits your play style.

I perosnally perfer Potency for the extra early game damage.

As for newer players I suggest either:

[rune=Greater Quintessence of Vigor] x3

for the life regen to stay in your lane longer and so you can take a few risks getting last hits.
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude] x3

flat health is never a bad thing early game.

i hope this helps

also for masteries you want to be in the offensive as you need to be agressive to pick up kills with fizz (but if you are having some issues (as you are still leveling)) i would suggest gonig into the defensive tree to make sure you are a bit more durable.

Any other questions feel free to ask always happy to help a fellow Fizz player.