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Need best jungle GP build for ranked

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Professor X

Junior Member


Title says it all. Masteries/runes and item order for a jungle gp for ranked.

I have been using 21/0/9

ARP red / move quints / armor yellows / and mr/lvl blues

I build wriggles / cd boots /trinity // then warmogs/atma if i can

It not very effective and i need a fix from 1400+ elo ranked players. I jungle tryn when the comp fits but I need a main jungler I can take up to a higher elo in solo queue. Any suggestions? Different champ ideas are very welcome if they include a viable 1400+ elo build.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Senior Member


lee sin built the same way but atmogs before tri force is decent.

I really like your build, but I always build atmogs before tri force.