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[Suggestion] Add a Vote remake.

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So i just did a normal game where someone was disconnected at the start (loading screen) and never came back (couldn't came back ?).

Disclaimer : we tried to do something about it at start. Jungle came on my lane after blue (i was ashe 1vs2 bot). But we couldnt do anything at all. I know some of you won 4v5. I even won a ranked 3v5 one time. That's not the point here so please don't say it's normal and we were bad and blablabla we could have won.

The thing is, i play DotA and HoN too, and in these games there's a nice option : vote remake. If someone leave before 15min you can ask for a vote remake and it pass if 6 people vote yes. I cant count the times we used this option to save us 15min (vote surrender is 15min for dota/hon) of nothing. The vote usually pass even in ranked mode in dota, people are cool about it. Not many ppl wants to play a one-sided game.

So i was wondering why this option is not present in LoL. DotA have it for years, along with vote pause (nice too for pausing the game until someone reconnect for an ingame short d/c), and it should really be a top priority for comfort of play.

There's a little paradox here : we have a tribunal which probably took a lot of coding, and take a lot of reviewing for all the cases, all that to punish bad ig behaviour, but we don't have a simple vote to encourage normal people not wasting time on a bad game. Reporting the disconnected player is not the solution here, i don't care of him getting banned (its probably not even his fault if he cant connect into the game), i don't want to choose between getting raped for 20min or afk 20min at the fountain.

Thanks for reading, if a Riot employee can comment on this it would be nice.