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Season Two - Certified Team Regulations

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  • A team must become certified in order to be eligible for the Season Two Championship
  • A group of players (between 5-8 members) can apply to be a certified Season Two team after participating in AND earning points in one event.
  • Once the team meets one of the requirements above a team charter can be filed with the Riot eSports Department (Form will be provided)
  • A team charter requires either 5 charter members or 1 certified owner.
1. Five charter members: Members of the team that each have an equal share in the ownership and responsibility of the team.
2. One certified owner: A single owner that has full control and responsibility of the team including roster decisions.
  • Charter members and alternate players of a team may not play for any other team in a challenger circuit tournament unless they are officially removed from the charter of their original team. Team captains must send an official request to the Riot Games that details all roster changes.
  • A chartered player who has left or been removed from a team (free agent) may not return to that team at any point during Season Two either as a chartered member or as an alternate player.
  • A team/franchise must retain at least three (3) of the original charter members throughout the entirety of Season Two
  • If a team no longer has 3 active charter members, then the team becomes dormant. All points and awards associated with the team are forfeited.
  • Points are tracked by team and not by individual players
  • A roster lock period will be announced during the Season. At that point, no further roster changes will be allowed.

Process for certifying a roster and making changes to a team

Before first Circuit Tournament:
  • Players must provide proof of age and residency
  • Players under the age of 18 must provide a parental consent form
  • Players/Team Owners must submit a W9/W8BEN forms to claim all prize money
  • Teams must submit a roster for the live event

Before each Circuit Tournament:
  • Teams must sign a conduct policy document

After each Circuit Tournament:
  • Teams can file an application to become a certified team
  • Teams can add alternate members
  • Teams can remove inactive members
  • Players can declare free agency
  • Teams will be briefed on the changes to Circuit Standings
  • Teams will be briefed on any conduct violations