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Week 2 Release Notes

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Director of Player Experience

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  • The Red teams health bars are no longer red but instead are the standard health color green with a red border.
  • Increased the In Game chats font size to 36 pt. Also added a border around the text letters. Increased the text box size
  • Changed some interface
  • Champion's name is now overlayed on the Experience Bar.
  • There's now a big number that replaces your Champion portrait to notify you that you have spell points, and how many points you have to spend. Additionally, the "level up skill" button is now indicated with a "+" instead of the number of available points.
  • Left clicking a Champion portrait now goes to the correct Champion
  • The minimap will start fully zoomed-out
  • You can now open the shop from anywhere on the map, but can still only buy items when you are within range of the shop, or dead.
  • Bowmaster's tooltips now accurately reflect the actual abilities
  • Resolution changes are now saved across games
  • The game should now start in the same resolution as your desktop, unless you have selected a different resolution
  • Added a temporary "win/loss" screen
  • Ryze's "Arcane Mastery" tooltip updated to reflect the appropriate ability functionality
  • Soraka's "Bless" tooltip now accurately reflects the functionality of the spell
  • Changed all tooltips that have dynamic ability power bonuses, so they now reflect the bonus in the tooltip properly
  • Made some changes to edit account screen


  • Changed stats on Elixir of Elusiveness
  • Increased damage bonus on Atma's Impaler
  • Changed effect for Bag of Tea
  • Increase magic resistance on Chalice of Harmony
  • Decreased ability power, and removed mana bonus from Elixir of Brilliance
  • Increased percent chance on hit to ignore target's armor on Last Whisper
  • Changed passive ability on Passion's Embrace
  • Reduced recipe cost of Abyssal Scepter
  • Adjusted health regenration on Spirit Visage
  • Increased return damage on Thornmail
  • Changed passive ability on Warden's Mail
  • Changed bonus damage on Zhonya's Ring of the Mindreamer to be Magical, instead of Physical, and reduced the amount of bonus ability power gained from killing champions
  • Reduced the Health regeneration on Healing Potion
  • Reduced the Mana regeneration on Mana Potion
  • Reduced the Ability power gained from killing champions on Mejai's Soulstealer
  • Increased the Mana gain on Inntervating Locket
  • Increased the lifesteal and attack speed granted by Stark Fervor

  • Added health regen to summoner spell "Rallying Banner"
  • Reduced the attack damage and armor of Annie's bear Tibbers
  • Reduced the mana cost, and increased the "slow target" effect of Bowmaster's "Frost Shot"
  • Increased the spell coefficient of Ryze's Arcane Mastery
  • Increased the healing amount done by Nunu's "Consume"
  • Changed the damage done by Nunu's "Absolute Zero"
  • Increased the duration, and reduced the mana cost of Judicator's "Eye for an Eye"
  • Increased the projectile speed of Bowmaster's "Enchanted Crystal Arror"
  • Increased the projectile speed of Bowmaster's basic attack, and Frost Shot attack
  • Reduced the range of Soraka's Starcall
  • Increased the Health bonus, but reduced the damage of the Summoner spell "Promote Minion"
  • Increased the damage per arrow of Bowmaster's Volley, but reduced the maximum number of arrows that can hit a single target

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed attack timing bugs on Annie, Master Yi, Judicator, Bowmaster, Cardmaster, Ryze, Sion, Soraka, Teemo, Warwick, and Nunu
  • Fixed store bugs for Faerie Charm, Meki Pendant, Rejuvination Bead, and Regrowth Pendant
  • Fixed the critical strike bonus of Infinity Edge
  • Fixed bug with Annie's "Paranoia" ability which caused her passive to not active with some spells

Fixed tooltip typos for
  • The Black Cleaver
  • The Bloodthirster
  • Health Potion
  • Soraka's "Infuse"
  • Minotaur's "Ferocious Howl
  • Judicator's "Divine Blessing (Passive)"
  • Emblem of Valor buff
  • Warwick's "Eternal Thirst"
  • Soraka's "Wish"
  • Bowmaster's "Enchanted Arror"
  • Tristana's "Rapid Fire"
  • Rallying Banner Aura
  • Ryze's "Rune Prison"
  • Stark Fervor's Aura Buff
  • Changed tooltip format for
  • Enrage Spell
  • Fiddlesticks "Dark Wind"
  • Master Yi's "Alpha Strike"
  • Annie's "Disintegrate"
  • Fiddlesticks "Crowstorm"
  • Bowmaster's "Frost Shot"
  • Nunu "Ice Blast"
  • Annie's "Incinerate"
  • Annie's "Infernal Guardian"
  • Judicator's "Intervention"
  • Mana Potion Buff
  • Master Yi's "Meditate"
  • Teemo's "MoveQuick"
  • Master Yi's "Wuju Style"
  • Ryze's "Overload"
  • Fiddlesticks "Terrify"
  • Teemo's "Toxic Shot"
  • Mintaur's "Triumphant Roar"
  • Cardmaster's "WildCard"
  • Judicator's "Reckoning"
  • Sivir's "Ricochet"
  • Judicator's "Righteous Fury"

Fixed tooltip functionality for
  • Judicator's "Eye for an Eye"
  • Annie's "Molten Shield"
  • Soraka's "Astral Shield"
  • Soraka's "Astral Blessing Buff"
  • Warwick's "Hungering Strike"
  • Infinity Edge
  • Sivir's "Spell Shield"

Added tooltips for
  • Neutral Minion - Resistant Skin
  • Neutral Minion - Spiked Shield
  • Spell Immunity Buff

Map Changes
  • Minions can no longer be denied
  • Reduced the health of tower's in front of Inhibitors
  • Reduced the health, attack range, and global experience for base towers
  • Increased the damage amount, and reduced the global experience for middle lane towers
  • Increased the health of far lane towers
  • Reduced the selection radius of archers and riders
  • Increased the XP radius
  • Increased the gold gained from champion kills
  • Increased passive gold gain
  • Death timer extension is now 4 seconds per level
  • Reduced natural health and mana regenration
  • Time between kills to get a double kill has been increased

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Minions cannot be denied? Whaaaa? They had that back then?

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The Hav

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These were the real first notes.

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Changed effect for Bag of Tea

I don't remember this item... anyone know what it did?

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I don't remember this item... anyone know what it did?

You could use it after killing an enemy to regain health and mana iirc.

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Why did you remove denying

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Lethal Magus

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Where the **** am i