I've dodged twice in 170+ games

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I am appalled at the new dodge penalty. The only time I've had issues with dodging is when I was in a 4-man premade and we got dodged 5 times in a row. IMO, that's a good sign that the opponent team is mainly solo queues who are being picky about their team comp.

In a blind pick mode, you are forcing people to play a certain set of heroes in every game if people are playing to win.

IMO, we should be allowed to pay IP or RP to dodge the queue. In fact, I think a team should be able to contribute points to dodge (ie, if two people in the team think they are in a bad team comp, they can each donate 15 IP if Riot decides on a 30 IP threshold to allow a dodge without penalty). I have just picked numbers out of thin air here, but I think you get the idea. Since IP is fairly difficult to obtain, people won't be dodging without a good reason (~100/30 min game). In fact, it's easy for Riot to adjust how often people dodge by upping the threshold if dodging occurs too frequently.