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Two Changes I Hope For

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The first change is quite simple, if someone disconnects from the game, remove the huge announcement about it, or make it team-based. Only show your team the person disconnected so you can try to protect them until they come back. Why is this an issue? Well, I've had people in my lane disconnect at the turret, the announcement goes off, "*Champion* has disconnected!". This causes the enemy lane to do everything they can to prevent my lane partner from recalling, usually giving them a free kill.

What I propose is either make the announcement to the allied team, or begin/finish the recall process before it states that the champion has disconnected. That way there is a decent chance that the enemy team will not get the free kill, preventing them from being at an even greater advantage.

The second change revolves around disconnects also, but I also notice that on the few times I've disconnected, the reconnect button was super buggy. I would load in and generally a champion or two would be invisible, there would be 'ghost minions' stuck in a permanent battle (still showing on the mini-map, so it looks like there's massive waves hitting all lanes at once), etc.

The only way to fix this issue is by disconnecting a second time, closing the client and reopening it again, putting you out of the game even longer. Of course, the simpler solution is to just close the client without pressing the reconnect button and relaunch. If possible, I would love to see the reconnect bug fixed.