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((LAST RP - OPEN)) The End of Days

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"Raise the gates, I will go meet with these Noxians." The Gate Commander told his lieutenant, as he donned his helmet. The man replied, "Sir, what if it is a ploy to get inside our walls? Noxus has never been so bold, but these are dark days." The Commander simply shook his head and gestured to a sentry high above to raise the gate. "No. Noxus has never been fools. They would not simply march on Demacia in the dead of night with torches to light there way. Something terrible must have happened for them to come here."

The gate, or rather, three gates built in front of one another raised up one by one. The Commander mounted a white steed in white and blue armor, and rode out, flanked by a half dozen equally armored soldiers. A lone Noxian rode forth in black steel. The mans face was hidden beneath a mask that resembled a gargoyle, and a gray cloth over his eyes.

"Greetings, fair Demacia." The gargoyle warrior said in a raspy voice. His own horse was as cold as any Noxian and reeled when the Demacian's came to a halt. In the cold air, the beasts breath was visible. "It seems your halls remain unaffected by the travesties bearing down on our land."

Gate Commander Noreed made no attempt at small talk with the nameless Noxian, "If you are trying to imply that we had something to do with your misfortunes, Noxian, then you are mistaken. Demacia fights her own battles, not hides behind magic and storms."

"Of course, Commander. I meant nothing of the sort." The man said slyly, holding up his hands to show he meant no disrespect. "It's refreshing to see that someone is capable of weathering the storm. It's a city destroyer, mark my words."

"Consider them marked. And your name is, Noxian?" Noreed's guards were clearly on edge with so many Noxus soldiers in front of them. Noxus and Demacia had a long line of hatred for one another, and never saw eye to eye.

The Gargoyle man removed the bandage from his eyes, and unfastened the clips of his helmet, then removed it. The man was pale, with white hair and pink coloration, and white eyes. Across his left cheek were four fresh scars where something had clawed him. "My men call me Vagrant. We come to put the past behind us on behalf of our future. Many Noxian's decided to stay and live in ruin rather than offer friendship. We are those smart enough to see unity is our only option."

Gate Commander Noreen turned towards his min. The decision was not his to make. But it was up to him to permit them any sort of entry and speak to the Crown Prince. They had seen little of the disasters facing the land - true enough, but had heard tell of it. "Very well, Vagrant. You and a small handful of men may follow us, unarmed, to the palace where you will meet with Jarvan the Fourth. If he decides to let you stay, we will allow it." Before Vagrant could say anything, Noreen raised his hand. "However, in the mean time. I will have some of my own men come assist yours in setting housing, and provide food. If you do not agree to those terms, turn around and leave."

Everyone there could see Vagrant's evident scowl. He wanted to say something further. Instead he nodded. "Understood. Lead the way, Commander."



"So, it's us against a Summoner?" Tristan asked. "That doesn't seem so terrible. The creatures that attacked me earlier, weren't much. It would be simpler to find him and put a stop to this."

Voya nodded, and Kayin shrugged. "What good would that do? The damage has been done. The Institute as you called it was destroyed, and only moments after we escaped. Magic affects your land in a a different way then my own. Magic has both positive and negative effects on people. But when it comes to the world; or Valoran, it is only negative. Old stories from my home tell of an ancient being, a woman, that is said to be Runeterra in physical form. This woman is patient, kind and generous. But as Runeterra is further damaged and abused by her people, this woman - Dolesta, becomes angry and unstable. Her will breaks and the world fights back." Kayin continued to explain, while drinking some of the Demaqua offered by Cassandra.

"So, a woman, or the mother of Runeterra is angry? I don't understand." Voya was young and naive, and sincerely unlearned in the ways of the world.

"Kind of. Dolesta is the embodiment of Runeterra. If Runeterra is on the verge of devastation then she will fight back, or fight to be reborn. This has happened before, long, long ago. If it is true, then there may be little we can do." Kayin sat back in his seat - head down, before turning to Fenix, and back to the floor.

((I am going to close this chapter here. We all know who the main baddies are, that the world is in turmoil etc. No sense in dragging it out.))