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Twisted Fate & new masteries

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Sir Blazin Blunt

Junior Member


As some may be well aware, or others not so much (low elo), TF has always been a secret AP hyper-carry. He was much more popular with his entirely global ult, but Riot was forced to nerf this broken mechanic (Shen got hit too). This nerfed TF from perma-ban status in ranked, but did not nerf his viability (imo) or his damage.

TF's amazing AP damage is derived from a unique skillset that includes 2 very low CD (spammable) decent-ratio, decent-flat damage, AP skilsl. His third skill passively increases attack speed, and decreases CD, and also provides another AP damage proc on everything fourth auto-attack. He also essentially gets free mana and the lowest cooldown 1s stun in the game. His farm is insane from his passive and ability to get free kills and assists with the ability to randomly appear in top or bottom lane (if you know what you are doing).

And farm is what he needs, because you need to get about 10k gold before you become an AP hypercarry, and you need to get it quickly before you are out-scaled and become useless (TF feels very snowbally, you need the farm advantage). 10k is a Deathcap and Lich-bane. I'll let you figure out the damage numbers at that point LOL.

The only trade-off with TF was the old mastery system. Everything was useless to him. Defense tree? Wtf he's an AP carry. Offense tree? Havoc is nice, but umm, increased crit damage? Utility? TF already gets free mana, free gold, free CDR, etc.! 9/0/21 was best for him, just as every other AP carry, but it didn't do him any good what-so-ever once he reached that 10k gold mark.


I think you get my point. I predict him to be first pick for those that know what the **** they are doing right now, and FoTM/perma-banned some time soon.

Your thoughts?

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Senior Member


My thoughts? hes still pretty useless without that ult range. Low auto attack range, and squishy as hell puts him in range of easy early ganks. His ult gives plenty of warning as well, allowing people to get to safety half the time or set up a kill on him. Sure you do good ap dmg, but so does brand and many other good AP chars that are a lot easier to use.