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Hello summoners,

I've been thinking and well some of the ideas came to my mind.

In-Loading Chat: Some Pc aren't the same (fortunaly) and well most of players (Curious thing, most of the players that have a slow pc play as Teemo ) take alot to load and maybe implanting a "In-Loading" Chat would help teams to communicate or a free-for-all chat.

In-Game Overlay: Also since steam bugs the game (after returning I can't click anything, also I use steam sometimes to chat while I'm not on skype) some friends sends you a wisper and you can only reply by typing " /w 'summoner's name' message" maybe when we press ESC it would appear also the "down barr" that the Main loby has, with the friends botton and the chats we are running, also I use ALT tab and pick up that windown to chat sometimes.

Auto-Buy Itens: Some thing to drag on the itens on beginning of the game and every time we pass by the base or we die it auto buys the cheapest item this is if you have enough golds or if you have room for the itens, also it only would jump for the next item if the frist one was finished.

Festive HUD: for exemple since we are close to x-mas the hug could be slightly difrent, a bit more white with some frost or snow, no?