Why no Warmog's?

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Shen stack warmogs, sorc boots op

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I'd just like to ask Riot to add some sort of health item for Tanks in Dominon. It seems to me that Riot is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too over-concerned with their various AD carries and fighters and, well, EVERYTHING AD. I'd like to see a mage or a tank sometime. And to that effect it seems like everything is changing to an AD favored system. Dominon, the new masteries, everything is more AD favorable. It's almost viable to have and all AD team with an AP assassin. I digress, it has become increasingly hard to tank on Dominion. I will be the first to admit that I buy a warmogs and thornmail on Rammus and proceed to shamelessly crush the hopes and dreams of all AD carries, but without any good HP for tanking, It's impossible to survive long enough to be a useful part of the team. (One reason why you never see any tanks.) Anyone with true damage (aka Vayne, Kog'mah) just rips you apart no matter how much armor and mag resist you have. I side with Red on this one, Warmogs was a little OP, but we NEED a heath alternative of some kind or another. Even a toned-down warmogs would be fine. I just can't seem to find a way to get enough health, armor, and mag resist to make up for the lack of warmogs. I am disappointed and frustrated with you right now, Riot. Please give mages, and especially us tanks, some love down here guys, we're starting to feel like your red-headed step-children.

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Originally Posted by Brackhar View Post
Warmog's in general didn't have a great place in Dominion. Understand first that, as a whole, defensive stats in LoL tend to be under-priced compared to offensive stats. This posed a good bit of a problem for us in development, but ultimately we were able to mitigate it by adding the map-wide armor and magic penetration buff. Warmog's as a pure HP + HP/5 item is a defensive item that wasn't affected by that change though, so it still had that beneficial pricing. Further its core weakness, needing to build it up over time, it heavily mitigated in Dominion due to the number of assists that are generated, and in general it was the only real remaining "farm up" item we had on the map.

We had been planning on replacing Warmog's with a new defensive item for awhile now, but with the community starting to pick up on how good an item it was on the map we opted to pull the trigger now even though the new item is not ready. While I do wish we could have shipped the new item as well, we generally thought the game would be better off at the moment without Warmog's.
just a thought but
basicly your screwing with the so called "meta" now (wich isnt a bad deal for me)
but if your going to replace this cant u use this ?week 2weeks etc? to see if it has any major impact on the game if so will you use this experience to lets say remove the flat hp items from dom ?
or dont you give a 2 cents about it and release as you please?
(not meaning it in a rage way tough)

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Atmog's isn't OP. And it certainly isn't OP for all AD carries like Tryndamere or Yi.

If you're Tryndamere, Yi, or Vayne etc, as long as you have a decent tank, and you're not sped, you can replace those two slots with an infinity edge and a phantom dancer, or last whisper, or black cleaver. You don't need the health and you have less attack damage from Atmog's. Atmog's is for champions who are off-tank DPS and anti-carries. Like Olaf, Shyvana, Trundle, Garen, sometimes Wukong, Yorick, even Pantheon. Not suishy carries. Even if you're Master Yi feel you need the health because all of the enemies are Rammus, Cho'gath and Sion with thornmail and Frozen heart, get a last whisper and force of nature instead.

I think Warmog's is perfectly fine in Dominion. I know it isn't a good choice for 100% tanks like Rammus (Unless the entire enemy team is either 100% AD or 100% AP), but it does affect me as I play Olaf with two Warmog's and Atma's (and sunfire cape and frozen mallet). I destroy everything with the build in Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline. I think it would be pretty great for off-tank DPS, but other than that I understand why you removed it. Maybe you should try a replacement item for a while?