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Targeting issues

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Not sure if this a bug or intentional, but my targeting seems to be "sticky". It will frequently require me to move my cursor a good 50 units away from a unit to select another one. This becomes especially frustrating when there are large clusters of minions and I want to right click or otherwise attack a specific unit, but the game decides to pick at random.

I have no issues with calibration or whatever, and the game will always "move" to exactly where I click. It's just large clusters or groups of units cause things to go haywire. It's really odd to see your cursor far away from a unit (50 units), and suddenly its the one that decides to light up.

The larger annoyance though is when it randomly changes by itself. I right click a minion at half hp, and follow up with a last hit nuke (annie/veigar), and without any movement of my mouse, minions, champions, etc... it attacks 2 different units (attack command hits X unit, skill command hits Y unit, usually further away). The sad part is the time difference between the attack command and the nuke command is < 0.25 seconds. There can't be much movement in that duration.

I play on a way overpowered PC for this game, and average ~40ms ping. Help me.