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Help with in-game

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The Mexicutor



So out of the actual game everything is fine, the problems do not start until i am in the loading screen. I can not see any of the characters names they are all blank. Upon the game loading, I can not see item descriptions on any of the shop items, all it says is game_item_displayname_2003, for a health potion and it has no description. all of my skills are blank, when people talk in chat it says game_character_displayname_trundle.i can't see when i get gold, i hear the sound and only see it say "floating text: gold"...everything is messed up and i cant fix it, even reinstalled lol after uninstalling...i need serious help I can't keep playing. Is it my graphics card? i just bought this laptop 2 months ago and would like to enjoy the game. this only happened recently.