Please change the "Ignore" graphic to "Mute"; it looks like a PM button

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On the scoreboard, the "Ignore" button does not obviously indicate its function. It took me a while to realize it was a mute toggle.

Although it might not look as pretty as the speech bubble, I propose the following utilitarian fix:


which when clicked turns red and says


That would make it crystal clear.

See also this thread:

wherein a few people describe their confusion. It took me quite a while to realize that was an ignore switch myself.

Credit to Oberic:

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They are I've had friends mute me trying to fix it, they had to re-add me to friends after in some cases.

A chat bubble doesn't make sense for mute/ignore icon.

A simple fix would be to replace it with the Silenced icon.

A sure fix would be to replace the icon with the word "Mute", and have a tick box next to it.

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Oh, that's what that icon means! Yes, I agree that its purpose should be more obvious.