Thoughts on supports starting Ruby Crystal?

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Before you flame me for going against the common start, at least hear me out.

I typically run gold quints, and get the bonus gp5 from talents, as well as the 3/5g on hit. I also get the free ward and biscuit. I start Ruby Crystal which costs 475g.

I tell my adc what I'm doing.

At about the 4 minute mark I go B and buy a sightstone (much earlier if I get an assist right off the bat; I've had a sightstone at 2 minutes before).

Typically at this time the other support is backing to buy more wards, and only has a single regen neclace (either mp5 or hp5). This put's me easily 600g ahead of the other support, and I don't have to worry about buying more wards until someone starts roaming.

This also makes me much tankier than the other support at the start, lending to me harassing more.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else go this route?

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I dont even have gold quints and this method works tremendous for me. So much Pros; Extra Health, Sightstone, and the fact that you bless your team with sight when the eneny doesnt anticipate it.