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Small Akali Suggestion

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Grand Treason

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I support this thread. +1.

After all, it's not like Katarina can't use her pseudo Flash on anything except a Turret or an inhibitor, not counting it's much shorter cooldown and it's range or Kassadin's spammable Riftwalk >_>'

EDIT: Seems like you've covered about my tidbit too, good job!

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  • Twilight Shroud now grants addition magic resist equal to the armor values.
  • Twilight Shroud is now lasts for 8 seconds at all ranks

Going to go ahead and bump this topic.

These are some good changes. 1 rank of Twilight Shroud goes a long way now early game. This however does not address her escapability. Akali in Twilight Shroud is CRUSHED by AOE damage. She really shouldn't be inside the smoke for too long unless she's going for a kill on a squishy and needs the slow/confusion to survive in battle (IE: a reduced chance to get hit while fighting).

The defense the shroud provides is negligible. Now that the duration is the same at all ranks there's literally no reason to level Twilight Shroud over the other the a skills.

I've been patient and waited to see what the Akali changes were before bumping this topic. I think this small change is still very relevant. I'm hoping I can get some more feedback on this change as well.

Squeen's movement suggestions isn't bad either,


Anyways, the point still stands. The new patch notes provided a nice little buff to Twilight Shroud. It's convenient, but does not really go far enough in changing Akali's viability.