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jarvan build for all anti-triforce people

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Junior Member


Well he doesn't need to have mana regen you could reserve your mana. using your abilities right with jarvan could cause massive against 1v1.

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Chaldyth the Axe

Senior Member


I do Jarvan much different with a lot of success mainly for solo top. First

Cloth Armor + 5 pots
(Depending on farm I sometimes add a Heart of Stone at this point)
Finish Mercs
Throw in a IE/Madreds/Wits/Frozen Mallet if the game goes very long and depending on whats needed.
Sell wriggles and replace if the game goes extremely long or insane farmed.

Run Tanky runes,

Health Regn Quints
Armor Pen Reds
Flat Armor Yellows
Resist per level Blues

Still tweakin the new masteries.

Been playing with a 14/9/7 build that seems to do quite well. But sure I will end up tweakin it.

Yes slow early game but you have massive sustain making you fairly unmovable early game. Use this more as a Sustain farm build and less focused on killing your lane. I slowly whittle them down abusing my passive as much as possible forcing them to B often. Junglers appreciate it as the generally know top lane is secure so they can focus on lanes in trouble. Only use skills to deny last hits easily whenever possible or when pushing a lane. All harass should be coming from your passive I don't think most people comprehend how powerful it is.

After Atma's you are very tanky and are a major theat they cannot ignore.


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Any build that takes Ghostblade and Wit's End gets full marks from me