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What do you think about the suggestions

Yes to toggable smartcast 18 75%
No to toggable smartcast 0 0%
Yes to chat timestamp 16 66.67%
No to chat timestamp 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 24 .

Toggle smartcast / display chat timestamp

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Junior Member


I have few suggestions how to improve in-game HUD.

First one is the abillity to toggle smartcast by right clicking spell icon the same way you can turn on/off some abilities right now, for example Cho'Gath's Vorpal spikes (E). Right now you can only turn them on permanently in key bindings menu, but you might want / have to adjust them each time you play different champion. For example you might want to have all the abilities to be smartcasted for Kassadin, but would like to have it disabled on Veigar's Event horizon (E).

Second suggestion would be abillity to display in-game time stamps in chat. This would not only help to track jungle creep respawn timers, but also enemy summoner spells, mia calls and so on. This would still require someone to type the actuall respawn time (or any other event) but would greatly help in those situations where you just cant afford to spend few seconds calculating and typing, for exaple during team fight after one team has killed Nashor or simply forgot the time when some event happened / forgot to do it in the first place.

Please tell me what you think.

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Senior Member


I would love timestamps for chat.

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Electronic Ice

Senior Member


+1 to both suggestions!