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Black Screen During Game Loading

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Okay. I've been playing LoL on this computer since the start and I've never had any problems until now. My graphics card is fine, other games load well.
I haven't played LoL in maybe 3 days and today I patch up and join a normal game. After champion select the screen is black and blank. Game doesn't seem to load. I DONT get a out of range error (I've looked for the Game.cfg file as suggested by some other thread, but its not in the path mentioned in the fix)

Other symptoms I've noticed:
1) I always had my username saved to the game, but today it was gone and I had to type it in during login. (not a problem, just thought it was unusual, It works now, but for some reason it forgot my username)
2) All my masteries were gone. ( I dunno if there was some reset..)

Things that I have done recently that may have affect LoL:
1) Updated my antivirus from ESET Smart Security 4 to 5 (I don't think it the firewall/antivirus because I've disabled the firewall and antivirus and the same problem occurs.)
2) Uninstalled Java 6 (I uninstalled this because I also had Java 7)

Please don't make me reinstall... @___@/
I'll add more information if I think its relevant.


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I had the same problem and I fixed it. I would try these steps and see if it works for you.
1. Go to http://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/234255-out-of-range-errors-black-screens-and-game-resolution
2. Try Changing http://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/234286-graphics-troubleshooting

3. (This one worked for me) Uninstall League of Legends and reinstall it to a new directory. When you reinstall, do a custom installation instead of express and select another folder than the one that is already there.