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Spectator Mode sugestions

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Dark mag3r

Junior Member


Hey riot me and my buddy just had a really good idea for spectator mode, we should get a record button and save into a personal profile tab and also a rewind button to see previous team fights.If my bud was to get a penta we could also record it and keep it.
not to forget about the new players they could spectate for a great learning tool so if they were able to rewind they can see some of the key things to do to like initiate and also for map awareness etc
so just handing out some of the improvements i could think of but i believe this would be a great tool and bring some control into the spectators hands.


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Senior Member


sounds pretty legit if ya ask me +1. still havnt gotten to try out spectator since all i join in are AFK guys with bots as the filling roles...

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Junior Member


I was thinking a spectator's chat so that the spectators may chat with one another. Can't chat with the players in game though. I found it really quiet when no one is chatting in game as a spectator.