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elo hell doesn't exist in the lower elo brackets

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I know I'm in elo hell have had my whole team feed and a troll banner. Now I get that every game fck I just gave up on ranked.

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I agree with OP, far easier to be critical of others than yourself.

As for all the horror stories out there regarding baddies, well I really hope some of you can find friends to duo que with or find good partners out there. Those games have been really fun and rewarding to play and make this game ******* awesome. I suggest really stomping in one game and talking it up after a match in a sportsman like way, congragulating enemies and **** like that. Some like-minded sane individual will friend you and you'll have someone to duo que with for awhile. Stuff like "holy **** man you ******* **** on me mid game." or "I hate your bv Gali... ruining my life! XD". I made a lot of friends that way and the games we played over ventrilo / skype made queing with ******* seem like a bad dream.

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Rammus (not banned) is picked. Yes awesome first pick
I pick Tristana.
Someone picks riven top
someone picks caitlyn

Guys we need a support

Random: "Is GP okay?"
"No wtf please go support, soraka sona.. janna alistar someone pls not another solo top."
Random: Stupid Noob

Gangplank has been chosen.

Surrender 20 Gangplank 1/15 at 20 minutes. My ELO is only declining