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Click and Drag Map Arrows

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Not sure how hard this would be to implement, but I would personally find this infinitely useful for team communication.

As the map interface currently stands you can click once on the map to place a ping, and that's a great quick and easy system for pointing out a location. However, it lacks the ability to show a direction or a distance, two vital forms of information for strategic plans.

My proposed solution is that clicking on the map would still place a ping, but holding the mouse button and and dragging from that ping would drag an arrowhead into place. That would solve a large number of communication issues with the current ping system an allow far more finely tuned team communication.

MIA warnings: You could point out a direction of movement for currently invisible enemy units. As the ping system stands you can sort of do this by placing two or three pings in a row going in a particular direction, but that is relatively slow and easy to misinterpret.

Retreat handling: Currently one of the greatest cause of death in mid-level games is the mishandling of group retreats. With the ability to place a retreat arrow instead of just a retreat ping, a team can communicate exactly how far and in which direction to retreat so that the retreat is not aborted before safety is reached.

Advanced strategy: The ability to place arrows on the map really does have limitless utility in my personal opinion. Tactics that are impossible currently due to the difficulty in explaining them rapidly in pings or chat become viable.