Dominion Strategy: Pushing and Backdoors

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Tenebrae Corvus

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Dominion is a capture and hold game, therefore capturing points is a frequent activity and the only way to win a match. There are many ways to capture a point and it could be said that how you capture depends on the situation. Here are a few basic tips about the most distinguished types of captures: backdoors and pushes.

- a backdoor is most successful when the enemy team is occupied and has left a point alone

- know where enemies are because a backdoor is always attempted at a point that is close to the enemy's base

For instance, you control the Windmill your bottom and mid points. The enemy is pushing with three top and two bottom but is unable to capture because of a good defence by two players at each point. Now is the time to attempt a backdoor to split the enemy team and force them to defend.
- a push is better done with teammates instead of alone

- a push consists of killing enemy minions and capturing a tower with their assistance

- the Summoner spell Promote is particularly useful thanks to the added power that a super-minion provides

- using minions has many benefits, one is that they increase the speed at which you capture a point

- minions can even neutralize a point on their own. This allows a safe tower-dive in case enemies are present

- minions also attack enemy champions that use auto-attacks on your team. If a few waves of minions accumulate their cover fire is difficult to ignore, even for a tank

Let's go over an example, you are pushing the top lane towards the enemy mid point and the enemy is defending that point. It's better to let the minions neutralize the point while you stay safely behind. A few waves will probably neutralize the point and that is disruptive enough to the enemy. Exchanging your death for the capture is not a good idea. They will easily recapture their mid point and your team will be outnumbered to defend. Neutralizing an enemy point this way already gives an advantage in captured points as it delays the enemy's comeback and costs no deaths at all.

It's important to play safe and not over-extend so that you don't give the enemy and advantage. When you over-extend you risk dying and give the enemy a chance for a capture and for a comeback. Play safe when you have an advantage, risk it all if you have no other option.

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I wanted to share it here to hear from the community. What would you do to ensure a good push or backdoor for your team?