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A New Pick Mode

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Junior Member


We now currently have two pick modes: Blind Pick and Draft Mode.
I have an idea of a New Pick Mode.
It is like Draft Mode. A champion cannot be picked repeatedly in a single match between both sides. While picking, both team can see whatever the other side picks. You can pick at the last moment to prevent a counter pick. However, you have to take the risk of the other side picking it before you do so. Or player can pick the counter pick of their team and prevent the other side pick it and change another pick at the last moment.
I think this can make some fun while picking.

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Senior Member


Meh, no.

People would be getting outpicked solely due to their computer not being as fast as someone else's, or their internet not being as good.

Sounds good in theory, but wouldn't work out in practice outside of custom games, maybe