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What happens next?

[NMR] Retreat and regroup back at the Black Keep. Morello will surely find his own way out. 5 4.24%
[NMR] Send word to Zileas to send more troops. TNM must fall! 21 17.8%
[NMR] Surrender! All hope is lost... 21 17.8%
[IsC] Flush Morello out. We must save Lady Nikasaur! 59 50%
[IsC] Keep a small force stationed to make sure Morello doesn't escape. Move on the Black Keep! 20 16.95%
[IsC] Surrender! Morello is too strong... 11 9.32%
[Legion of n00b] Continue to pester Sagarys while he ignores us. 20 16.95%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Over the corpses of the NMR... 27 22.88%
[The Knights who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Without the blood. 15 12.71%
[The Anti-Fun Agenda] Creep on Leona. 40 33.9%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 118 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 4 - Blood for Blood

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Alright everyone, sorry for the delay! This one took some serious thought on my part. Figuring out a way to resolve the whole pirate/Nyan issue was difficult. But I think I came up with something that will smooth the issue over.

Before I post the next chapter, I'd like to address a few things.

First, I'm going to post the pirate scene by itself, as I'm still finishing up the rest of the chapter. This will at least allow everyone to see how things played out. Please don't post right away, as I'd like to reserve the first reply spot to post the rest of the chapter in.

Second, I am instating a few limitations regarding technology. They are as follows:

-If you have a gun, it is a black powder gun. If it is a machine gun, it is the very early, cowboy, crank-style gatling-gun. If it is a "laser" gun, it shoots magic which isn't as damaging as an actual sci-fi style laser weapon.

-All forms of modern technology (airships, tanks, mech-suits, etc.) are wooden, steam-powered, and have plates of heavy metal to act as armor for key parts. They are clunky, slow, and are far from invulnerable. In fact they are highly flammable. This should make it so they aren't a MASSIVE advantage.

-Torpedoes are wooden, black-powder filled barrels with prop motors. They are slow and aren't laser guided.

-Missiles are like the torpedoes. If they are guided, they are magically guided and require someone skilled in magic to guide them.

-Moral of the story, use some discretion.

With that, here is the first scene!

The Riot War – Chapter 4 – Blood for Blood

“Sir!” cried one of Uszi’s crewmen from his perch in the crow’s nest of the Nerf Star.

Uszi, who was standing at the bow of his ship practicing a pose that he had recently seen on a bottle of rum, jumped at the crewman’s unexpected shout. He turned abruptly, lost his balance, and tumbled down a short flight of stairs. Such a pose was extremely difficult when all of your limbs are wooden… and you lack any sort of vision to help orient yourself… and you were born with an inner-ear infection that ruined your balance to begin with… and your pet monkey, JoJo, kept poking you in your tickle spot.

“Blast ye!” he yelled angrily. “I almost had it that time!”

“A thousand and six apologies Cap’n, but I think ye should be seein’ this yerself,” replied the crewman as he peered through his cracked, bent, lens-less telescope.

“This best be important,” Uszi grumbled as he sat down in the shoddy rope elevator that his crew, under JoJo’s direction, specifically designed for him so that he could get up to the crow’s nest. A handful of men quickly rushed to his side and began working the pulley system to hoist their captain.

“Wait a second,” Uszi barked when he reached the top. “Ye think I should be seein’ this meself? I got no eyes ye durned fool!”

“Then why did ye come up here, Cap’n?” the pirate asked.

“Because you was tellin’ me to!” Uszi replied.

“Oh… right. Me apologies, sir,” the pirate said.

“Well, I’m supposin’ since I’m already up here, ye could at least tell me what ye seen.”

“Ships, Cap’n,” the crewmen replied.

“Well, blast ‘em to kingdom come if they get too close. Otherwise, ignore ‘em. Why’d ye think I needed to know this? Ye seed that I were busy, did ye not?”

“They be flying, Cap’n… and they’re headed straight for us,” the crewmen said.

“I just said that I was busy… wait. Did ye say they was flyin’?”

“They is flying, not was, sir.”

“JoJo, scary face… with a hint o’ disappointment!” Uszi shouted, and his monkey companion leapt to his side, carrying out the order. “If ye correct me again, lad, ye’ll be helpin’ to hold down the anchor when we next make land. Now, what flag do they be flyin’?”

“It’s the banner of the IsC,” the crewmen replied.

“Sure’n they be seekin’ revenge for their delicious pastry-cat friends…” Uszi muttered. “Full sail! Man the guns!”

Uszi turned to head to the wheel, forgetting he was in the crow’s nest. Several of his crewmen were severely injured as they threw themselves beneath him to cushion his fall.

“Captain Uszi,” Msyk said, coming up from below deck. “What’s going on?”

“Those bloody IsC finded us!” Uszi replied as he clunked across the deck.

“What do we have to stop them?” Mysk asked as turned to see the large airship racing up behind them.

“Me wit… and a bit o’ luck,” Uszi replied. “Come with me to the wheel. I be needin’ yer eyes.”

The two of them made their way to the stern castle where Uszi grabbed hold of the ship’s controls. Without hesitation, the pirate leader spun the wheel right as far as it would go. The Nerf Star tacked hard, the ship’s hull creaking in protest to the sudden, violent shift in direction.

“Order the other ships to follow!” Uszi shouted and his crew went to work signaling the other two ships.

“Uszi have you gone mad?” Msyk asked, holding on to the railing to keep himself from flying into the sea – as several of Uszi’s crewmen already had. “We’re heading straight into a cliff. We’ll be smashed to pieces!”

Indeed, Msyk was correct. After Uszi’s quick bearing change, the Nerf Star was on course to slam directly into a towering sheer rock wall.

“Ye need to be trustin’ me, wizard. No one knows these waters like ol’ Uszi!”

Msyk shook his head. He didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Already the IsC airship was closing on them.

“Cap’n!” the pirate manning the crow’s nest shouted. “Torpedoes in the water!”

Msyk turned just in time to see several elongated barrel-looking objects – that appeared to have propellers and small steam-engines strapped to them – splashing into the water beneath the IsC airship. Moments later, white wakes and foam were streaking toward the Nerf Star.

“Faster!” Uszi roared, firing his pistol into the air to raise his crew’s morale.

“It be of no use, Cap’n. They’re closing too fast!” the crewman shouted, panic in his voice.

“Bah, use yer skulls ye inbred swine! Start throwin’ the cargo overboard!” Uszi ordered.

At that, several of the crewmen rushed below deck. Moments later they emerged carrying large crates full of various pirate necessities – fruit, eye-patches, bandanas, and the like. At their captain’s orders, they began to dump the crates over the rails. After they did this, they ran back below deck and returned with more, repeating the process. The hull of the Nerf Star shook as the first of the torpedoes struck. But Uszi just laughed, for he knew that it was nothing more than a shockwave as the torpedoes detonated on their floating cargo.

“It’s workin’, Cap’n!” the crew shouted.

“O’ course it be! I told ye, ye need to be trustin’ ol’ Uszi!”

“If I may, Captain… There is still the issue of the cliff,” Msyk interjected.

“Quit yer worryin’!” Uszi laughed.

“Cap’n! There be little ships comin’ out o’ the big one!” the crow’s nest pirate yelled.

And indeed, at that moment a handful of small, wooden, steam-powered airships emerged from the hull of the main IsC vessel. They weren’t very large or threatening looking, but they were fast.

“Turn the ballistae on ‘em! Shoot ‘em out o’ the sky ye blokes!” Uszi cackled. It made Msyk a bit uncomfortable to see Uszi enjoying this so much.

A minute later, large, heavy ballista missiles were flying out from the back of the Nerf Star. The IsC airships initiated evasive maneuvers, weaving between the hail of heavy spears.

“Fire!” came a distant voice. It was the leader of the IsC squadron, and as he shouted this, the tiny airships unleashed a shower of lead, cranking their hard-mounted, miniature gatling-guns furiously.

Though they weren’t the most accurate guns, they more than made up for this disadvantage with the sheer number of bullets they produced. Uszi’s crewmen hit the deck, taking cover behind the rails. Msyk did as well. But Uszi was unafraid.

“How much further to the cliffs?” he asked Msyk.

“Three-hundred yards, maybe four, and they’re coming fast!” Msyk replied.

“Great! We’re almost to safety then!” Uszi said. “On yer feet, knaves! Keep firing! Bring down those buggers!”

All three of Uszi’s ships continued to unload their ballistae as fast as they could load them. The heavy projectiles ripped through the rickety airships, sending them careening into the ocean in balls of fire. Several of the small IsC vessels managed to get close enough for their guns to be effective, punching holes in a handful of Uszi’s men, but the hulls of his ships held as the bullets merely lodged themselves into the wood and nothing more. But the large IsC flagship was approaching fast. If the heat that the little fighters packed was any indication of the IsC’s technology, Uszi didn’t want to find out what the flagship was carrying.

The cliff was coming up fast and Uszi showed no signs that he intended to change directions. Even the pilots of the IsC vessels were confused about what the pirate captain’s intentions were. But Uszi’s crew didn’t seem to be afraid.

At that moment, a loud, deep gunshot resounded, echoing off the cliff. Msyk turned just in time to see a massive grappling hook flying toward the Nerf Star. The thing, attached to a heavy chain, crashed into the stern deck, then slid back and attached itself to the railing. In an instant, the Nerf Star lurched, slowed by the IsC’s hook.

“They got us, Cap’n!” the crew shouted. “We’ll never escape ‘em now!”

“I disagree!” Uszi shouted.

He reached into his coat and produced a single orange. He polished it on his chest, then tossed it back to one of his crewman near the hook. The crewman needed no explanation. Without hesitation, he took a bite of the orange, then swiftly lifted the heavy hook off the Nerf Star’s rails and tossed it into the sea.

“Works e’ery time!” Uszi laughed.

Msyk didn’t care about the captain’s small victory. He was much more concerned with the rock wall that was now no more than one-hundred feet from the bow of the Nerf Star. Even if Uszi turned right that instant, it wouldn’t matter. They were too close. They were going to crash.

“You blind fool! You’ve killed us all!” Msyk cried.

“Have I?” Uszi replied with a grin.

A moment later, the Nerf Star hit the cliff. Or rather, it passed through the cliff. Msyk’s heart nearly leapt out his mouth in anticipation of the impact. But as the ship reached the rock wall, it passed through some sort of illusionary wall, which promptly dissipated, revealing the mouth to a sea-cave large enough to fit a ship. The Nerf Star and her two sister ships slipped into the cave at full speed, their shallow drafts barely missing the jagged reef below. Unsure of what lied beyond the mouth of the cave, or if they could safely navigate within the confined space, the IsC airships were forced to pull up and disengage.

“Bring down the roof!” Uszi ordered. “Just in case the bloody *******s decide they want to follow!”

A moment later, the crew opened fire, sending cannonballs and ballista spears into the stone ceiling, causing a cave in.

“How are you planning on getting out now?” Msyk asked.

“This is one o’ ol’ Uszi’s hideouts. A series o’ tunnels will lead us back around north to another exit. In the meantime, we have a small dock here with supplies. We can repair the boats, equip ourselves, and move out when it’s safe!” Uszi laughed. “I told ye you’d best be trustin’ me. Ol’ Uszi always has a trick o’ two up his sleeve!”

Msyk, exhausted, elated, and overwhelmed simply shook his head and smiled.

I apologize for any typos. I will go back and edit once I finish the rest of the chapter.

Scene 2 continued in the post below.

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Scene 2


Explosions rattled the courtyard as Morello retreated back behind the safety of his frontlines. War cries – shouts of pain and triumph – echoed throughout Nikapolis as the warriors of the IsC arrived in droves. The White Knights, once battered and defeated, now rallied around their new allies. War had come to the Manifest. There was no way to avoid it any longer. Under the command of the Grand Marshall, warriors and civilians alike waded into the fray, wielding their weapons mightily against their foes.

The IsC forces pushed into the city, cutting a swath through the throngs of NMR soldiers, laying waste to purple minions in droves. The cobblestone streets of Nikapolis were stained red as bodies fell torn and battered.

Morello watched as his legions began to crumble under the sheer, barbaric strength of the Grand Marshall’s warriors. Morello’s minions were many, but they were weak. But despite this, the dark lord did not appear to be concerned. He merely sat back and directed his troops. He also picked at a blemish buried beneath his mighty neckbeard. But that wasn’t nearly as important as the troop direction.

“My lord, the men are being slaughtered!” shouted one of the purple minion lieutenants that stood by his side. “I don’t know how much longer we have. If IsC reinforcements arrive, we will be defeated for sure. Should I order the retreat?”

Morello shook his evil head slowly, his eyes never leaving the Grand Marshall.

“No,” he uttered. “We are not defeated yet.”

The minion looked up at him, confused. Had his master been listening to him?

“Yes I was listening to you,” Morello said.

Right. The mind-reading…

“Order the troops to converge in the courtyard and push toward Nikasaur’s palace. We can hold up inside. It will be much easier to defend the bottleneck at the doors,” Morello said after a moment. “The marble walls are strong. The IsC will have difficulty getting through them."

“But my lord,” the minion replied. “Moving to the palace would leave our flank open to the IsC. Half our men would be slaughtered before we got inside.”

Morello turned his gaze upon the minion.

“Give the order,” he said. “I will deal with the IsC.”

The minion looked at his master with concern in his eyes. But he would never go against the dark lord’s command. So he gave the order. Within minutes, the NMR forces had turned and were funneling into the courtyard of Nikasaur’s palace. They quickly defeated the handful of guards stationed there. But, just as the minion lieutenant had predicted, the IsC forces were at their flanks almost immediately, slashing through their numbers at an alarming rate. The minions produced a pair of large battering rams (seemingly from nowhere) and began the long process of smashing down the palace door.

But Morello held true to his promise. After giving himself a series of buffs, he threw off his heavy black cloak to reveal a suit of wicked-looking, jagged black, layered plate armor. With Nerfbat in hand, he waded into the IsC forces without fear. He laughed as their weapons bounced off of his sturdy armor. With mighty sweeps, the Nerfbat laid low the IsC footmen three at a time, sending their lifeless, nerfed bodies flying weirdly through the air. The dark lord proved to be enough of a distraction and soon his minions had bashed open the door to the palace and began pouring inside. Morello held the rear flank as his men rushed to safety. Once they were all inside, Morello stood at the palace door, his gaze locking with that of the Grand Marshall.

“Grand Marshall!” Morello shouted. “I hope you brought more men…”

The Grand Marshall did not respond. He was confused by the dark lord’s words. While the NMR had just taken a strong strategic position, they had also just trapped themselves. It was only a matter of time before his own forces would overrun the palace. But as he pondered what Morello had meant, something distracted him. The earth beneath him began to shake. It was subtle at first, but it was growing more violent with each passing moment. Then, with a horrific roar that could have frozen a man to his soul, something erupted from the earth. The Grand Marshall’s jaw fell open as he looked upon the creature in awe. It was a massive, demonic-looking worm-like creature. Caustic green saliva oozed from its toothy maw.

“By the Great Parrot…” the Grand Marshall muttered, still in shock. “Baron Nashor… Fall back! Regroup!”

The Grand Marshall had underestimated Morello’s power. As he began strategizing with his closest advisors, he learned exactly how much. For far in the distance, he heard the shriek of approaching drakes.

Apparently the NMR had air support as well.

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-Epicn00b, President of the Legion of n00b

EDIT: oh ****. Didn't read the post. Downvote so that it gets minimized. Sorry...........first time I regret being the first to post.

Piles of fail....

Reserved for the rest of the chapter...

((Now that Sagarys has his post reserved:

You can delete a post Epicn00b in the "edit" section, when you go advanced.

Thank you very much.

Character Profile:

Name: Msyk Twill
Age: Late twenties or early thirties, he keeps it a secret.
Gender: Male
Height: 6”
Weight: ~180 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Frontal fighter with some assassin features.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: Commander
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Tall and fairly slim, with a good but not exceptional musculature. Grey eyes, dark blond or pale brown semi-long hair (at your choice). No visible traits on the face. Wears black leather boots, a gray pantaloon and a gray shirt that bears no symbols, leather shorts and armor with no sleeves, with metal padding on his knees, right shoulder, portion of the boot, and metal wristbands. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are floaty and used to hide most physical traits. Never wears the hood of the robe unless absolutely necessary (will be specified what he is wearing during RP.). Has a belt with two sabers sheathed and a small pouch, usually holding a few potions or scrolls. A dagger handle is visible in his left boot. As for equipment, a basic assassination or throwing dagger, two enchanted sabers: Ascandar, the right hand one, has a dark look and reflects no light and drains blood to heal it’s wielder (25%) and Ishimir, the left hand one, has an azure reflection and a chilly aura surrounding it. It will slow the circulation of anybody wounded by the blade, slowing down movements. Ragniüs is a 7”6’ long spear, with a counterweight at the bottom. The tip is 6’ wide at the widest, and 11’ long in the middle, made of an unknown metal that reflects no light. Ragniüs is enchanted to be recalled at anytime by Msyk and to increase a bit his physical strength.

Attributes (some attributes are + or -, view skills)

Strength: 4 (+2 with his spear, Ragniüs)
Intelligence: 9
Battle Skill: 10
Magical Aptitude: 4
Dexterity: 9 (8+1)
Stamina: 7
Constitution: 3 (5 – 2)
Resilience: 5
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 4

Powers/Abilities/Spells: I will only list here those that I’ve already showed or talked about, or some that are crucial to the understand of my character. I will let everyone know when the list is perfectly discovered.
-Shadowfooted (Passive): Increased speed and mobility (+1 dexterity), does no sound while moving, artificially reduces constitution and feeling of weight (-2 constitution).
-Demon Slice (Ability, Spear): Immediately slices eight times all around which is further repeated and amplified after a small delay. (Spear emits a black glow)
-Plate Crusher (Ability, Spear): Unleashes a moderatly strong attack that deals extremely high damage to heavily armored targets and sunders their defenses (Spear emits a black glow)
-Icicle Shard (Spell, Ice): Collects humidity and freezes it into a small shard that will be thrown at a target. The target will receive light ice damage and will have all of its movements slowed for a few seconds.
-Umbra Blink (Spell, Dark, Handless): Chooses a location in sight within 30 feet, and disappears into the shadows, entering a stasis for 2 seconds, before reappearing at the chosen location. If holding the hand of somebody, that said person will also blink with the caster.
-Umbra Step (Spell, Dark, Handless): Chooses a target within sight, and disappears into the shadows, entering a stasis for 2 seconds, before reappearing in the shadow of the chosen target.

Personality / History: Born as a Xyphuminati, Msyk and one of his friend decided to leave their native faction due to a lack of actions in their late teenage years. After traveling around the world for quite some time and making friends that shared the same convictions, he settled to join the New Morello Republic. Over time, his actions, prowess and tactical thinking led him to be promoted to Commander, even though he never wanted to. He assumes this role because "nobody else around can", or so they say. Msyk is pretty much always calm, mainly because he is cold blooded, almost literally.

Advantages: Nocturne and cold environments. Fights at best in snowy fields and at night (lethal if has both)
Weakness: Hot environments/high heat and fire.
Likes: Good fights, snow, the night, wine, books, challenges.
Dislikes: Braggers out of their places, N00b legion.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Nothing rubs him off at that point, he keeps his cool too much.

Favorite Quotes: “A man should be judged by his actions, not words.” -Anonymous

Soul Blazer: Defeat a Soulreaver.
Chrono Trigger: Was forced by the scribe to change one of his posts.
Third time's a charm: Edit a single post three times or more.
Devil Survivor: Met a terrifying inhuman creature and lived to tell the tale.
First Blood: Was the first to fight someone else in the Riot War event.
Nerfed to hell and back from it: Was both nerfed and buffed several time by Morello. (Current numbers are unknown.)

((Will post Xandar and Kaiko once I finish converting them to the new format))

EDIT: yeah Epicn00b that would mean im first. What about it? Ya jelly? {I actualy dont care about being first -_-'}))

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((Now that Sagarys has his post reserved:

You can delete a post Epicn00b in the "edit" section, when you go advanced.

Thank you very much)).

((I should do that. I forgot about it. Thanks.

EDIT: aw man. That means YOUR first. Of course, I'm at least on the first page..........better use this....

-Epicn00b, Master of the Legion of n00b

EDIT: also, archieve my first quote

EDIT number 5: might as well save this for my character profile. Granted, it was made already, but its full of AWESOME (not)))

((Any changes needed? Let me know PLOX))

Name: Epicn00b (Version 1.2)
Rank: Master of the Legion of n00b
Faction: The Legion of n00b
Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 20
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 200 pounds. Why do you guys want to know?
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Neutral
Allies: none so far....

Appearance: Refer to the picture at the bottom; has a Bloodthirster at his side; robes are the colors of Kog'Maw, god of Mercy.


Strength: 9
Intelligence: 5
Battle Skill: 9
Magical Aptitude: 3
Dexterity: 7
Stamina: 5
Constitution: 4
Resilience: 8
Wisdom: 4
Charisma: 7

Powers/Abilities: As a warlord, Epicn00b can command allies to make actions they wouldn't normally be able to do, buff their stats, and otherwise, essentially, order people around. In combat, Epicn00b is a formidible force: he is a remarkable swordsman, but what makes him (or WOULD make him) notable is the ability to "get backup" as he describes it. Lastly, because he wields a Bloodthirster, he gains a small amount of attack power that 1. stacks for every creature that dies near him. 2. goes away after he is out of combat

When the Riot Wars began, Epicn00b, a rogue warlord who worshipped Kog'Maw, God of Mercy, found that he was not named as a hero of any faction in the war. Furious, he made his own faction, claiming the lands north of the Imperium for himself. He has since gathered followers to aid him in his conquest for a place in history. His faction, the Legion of n00b, is fully prepared to bring destruction to his enemies.

Before the formation of the Legion of n00b, Epicn00b was but a simple soldier-for-hire....who never got hired. He traveled all over the land to find a job, but because no one of the factions shared the ideals he had, he refused to get hired. Before long, Epicn00b grew tired of being jobless, so he decided to create a new one: master of his own land. He claimed an abandoned fortress north of the Imperium, and this place soon became a place for political refugees to take shelter. It was not long until he managed to gain followers, and some followers came with knowledge, material, and enough cookies to make the LoN a reality. Among them, he Irongrinder (profile page 52), whose wisdom allowed Epicn00b to form his own nation. At the same time, the fortress's secrets have been found: a mighty ship bearing the name "Gangplank's *****" and an unnamed airship, which he called the n00btanic were discovered in certain places. By the time the n00btanic was brought above ground, the Riot Wars were declared, and Epicn00b, determined to finally get into a war, came true.

Weakness: lolwut?
Can't live without: food, water, living essentials....
Likes: Kog'Maw, god of Mercy, war
Dislikes: anyone who trolls him, Msyk Twill, BIRDs
REALLY ****ING HATES: anyone questioning whether his faction is legitimate or not
Favorite quote(s):
"Prepare for destruction." - Kog'Maw, God of Mercy
"I will battle them all!" - Epicn00b, master of the Legion of n00b

Achievements (24 unlocked):
"Tea! Tea! Tea!" - bring the LoN's rating from their lowest rank to neutral or higher
"HAAAAAX!" - make a profile that is extremely OP
"RaRaRa!" - make someone believe your faction was really a part of the RiotRaraRebellion, even though you are not
"Master of Sea" - form a Navy
"Master of Land" - form an Army
"Master of Sky" - form an Air force
"Master of All" - unlock Master of Sea, Sky, and Land
"Numbers to be Recognized" - have 100+ confirmed members in the LoN
"Trolololololol" - troll someone
"Zileas-ed" - get trolled
"Nerfed" - changed your profile so that it is "balanced." Not to be confused with the nerf bat achievement
"First..." - be the first to post right after the OP
"...Fail" - ...only to realize that you really weren't supposed to do that
"The Begining" - post the first major story event involving the Legion of n00b
"Very punny" - use a bear pun in the profile
"Joyride" - fly into a battle with an unarmed ROFLcopter
"Wizard of n00b" - Make a Wizard of Oz reference in one of the story segments
"May the Kog'Maw be with you" - make an epic speech before going into battle
"Pestered enough"- managed to get added by sagarys in game.
"Birdy fail" - Have a BaronVonWalrus contraption fail catastrophically, and pay for the price....in n00bies.
"n00bs stick together" - upvote a fellow n00bian's story event that was downvoted
"1970's N00bman" - make a reference to Adam West's Batman T.V. show. (The dumbest Batman series in existence)
"A n00b always goes down with his ship" - Force the N00btanic to make an emergency landing.
"The largest, most quiet crash in the history of N00b" - Crash land the N00btanic, only letting at most 5 people or less notice that it crash landed.
"The words said before destruction" - Modify a quote said in Star Wars, and use it.
"I can't bear it anymore" - Unleash your best bear jokes after hearing "bear" so many times
"No parties for n00bs" - be unable to attend a party because of your current state.
"High valued unconscious target" - be the target of a football game while unconscious...wait what?

[[Whats the top stat needed for a warlord again?]]

Archieve of Epicn00b posts: *NOTE: Subchapters are shorter than the normal posts. Keep that in mind when looking for them*
page 8: The Legion of n00b
page 14: Minions on the way
page 22: The Arrival
page 30: Subchapter1 - Baron Nashor
page 33: Subchapter1 - The death of Baron Nashor
page 37: Subchapter1 - Change of Plans
page 39: Subchapter1 - Epicn00b's Squad
page 45: Subchapter1- Epicn00b's Squad part 2
page 47: *Radio Transmition*; Epicn00b's Squad part 3
page 48: Special Delivery
page 58: Royal Landing; The Assignment
page 58: Orders
page 68: The Bombing
page 81: The End....of the N00btanic?
page 85: It's Epic Time
page 92: The Strangest Rescue <- needs better title.
page 94: *BONUS CHAPTER* The Ambassador of the Legion of N00b

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Mr T Virus

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((Alrighty, just a quick reminder, here is the format that we're using for character bios so we can keep track of who's who since this conflict is drawing everyone together.

Character Profile:


Alignment – Ranges from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil
Rank (if applicable)

Appearance - A brief description of what your PC looks like, including what they wear, what they carry, and so forth.


Strength – Refers to PC’s physical abilities, how much they can lift, determines what kind of equipment they can carry.
Intelligence – The mental acuity of the PC. Affects learning ability and general knowledge
Battle Skill – Efficiency the PC has in one one-on-one physical combat, skill and mastery of various weapon types or martial arts
Magical Aptitude – Skill level using magic, referring to the number of and level of spells that the PC can cast
Dexterity – Refers to the PC’s attack and movement speed and accuracy. To a lesser extent, flexibility.
Stamina – The amount of energy that the body can store (physical and magical), determines how long the PC can run or fight before getting tired.
Constitution – Your passive body trait, how much health you possess, your ability to fend off diseases, healing, and size.
Resilience – Primary defensive trait refers to how well your character can take physical or magical damage.
Wisdom – Your PC’s spirituality, common sense, intuition, and observation. Often paired with high Intelligence in order to cast higher classed spells.
Charisma – Character’s leadership, charm, likability, persuasive skills with other PCs or NPCs.

Powers/Abilties – Signiture moves, attacks, special powers, etc.

Personality / History – Details about the life of your character. May contain anything about acquired skills, traits, education, significant events in their life, etc.

Advantages – Areas of specialty that your character possesses in combat or social situations
Weakness(es) – Things that are Super Effective against your character
Can’t Live Without
Really Likes
Really Dislikes
Can’t ****ing Stand

Favorite Quotes – Quotations or phrases that sticks out in your character’s mind

Achievements – Significant accomplishments that the character has overcome, things they’ve done, etc.

And on that note, time to read up with my epic playlist queued (sp?)
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB10981B2A59594CA ))

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[[To help everyone choose their alignment here a useful link

Name: Aniir Rosa
Faction: Iron Solari Concalve
Position: Apostle of the church of the Great Parrot. Grand Marshal Aide
Race: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Weight:123 pounds.

Statistics -

Strength: 2
Intelligence: 5
Battle Skill: 1
Magical Aptitude: 5
Stamina: 5
Constitution: 3
Resilience: 4
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 5

Weaknesses: Helping those in need: anyone in need.
Likes: Roses, Birds, Cats, Sunlight, Snow, The IsC.
Dislikes: Spiders, War, Inactivity.
REALLY ****ING HATES: Nothing really, not yet.
Favorite Quote:
Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
~Rabindranath Tagore

Resident Tease- Get a male ally knocked out by another male ally (Thanks Valk!)
Should have let me die- Have an enemy get a double kill on allies trying to save you
Extinct- Fight and Defeat the Soulreaver
Light and Darkness- Bear witness to the rebirth of Reich

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Senior Member


Name: Phalonax ‘Phalon’ Valeion
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: (estimate) 110 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Fighter with assassin capabilities
Alignment – Chaotic Good
Faction: Iron Solari, Vladimism
Allies: Evarok, mysterious man, friend who’s name is not yet known.
Rank: Unknown (Iron Solari), Blood Reaper (Vladimism)

Appearance: Short and skinny, causing people to underestimate. Somewhat pale, red eyes, light-silver hair (looks white under a certain angle of light). Has fangs due to magic.
Often seen with a black top with both sleeves torn, a black leather belt, dark red slacks and black boots. Both arms have bandages, but the left arm seemes to be more bandaged. Has 2 clawed gauntlets, the left with a red claw and the right with the crest of the Iron Solari. Carries around a dagger tied to the belt with a long dark brown strap.


Strength – 7.5 (10 when enraged)
Intelligence – 7.8
Battle Skill – 10
Magical Aptitude – 1 (the portal hand was only temporary)
Dexterity – 10
Stamina – 9
Constitution – 6 (8.5 enraged)
Resilience – 8 (9 dagger empowered, 9.5 enraged)
Wisdom – 8 (7.5 enraged)
Charisma – 4

Powers/Abilities –
Phalon is a extremely skilled in combat, being able to take on a typical army of soldiers and minions without a single scratch. Despite her size, Phalon is also able to take more damange than one would expect of someone her height.
Due to the leaked magic from the dagger, Phalon can detect specific life forms under the condition that they are breathing and/or have a heartbeat. She also has superhuman speed because of this, being able to run fast enough that the human eye cannot process her movements.
When Phalon's dagger is extended by her own blood, it is able to shred through metal and makes her resistant to most spells and nerfs for 3 minutes at a time. To maintain this effect, Phalon would have to keep cutting herself every minute.
Enraged, Phalon becomes stronger and more durable, but is unable to distinguish ally from enemy.
Portal hand (no longer available) : Able to randomly summon portals to another dimension.

Personality / History – Phalon is seemingly dull and distant, often seen walking alone. She is loyal to whoever she serves, but isn’t afraid to show her opinions about them. Prone to violence in any situation. It takes a lot to make her angry, but when enraged, Phalon is prone to unstoppable killing sprees with both allies and enemies being the victim.
However, despite the outwardly dark and rude nature Phalon shows, she is quite gentle, but this is only shown to people she is extremely close to and trusts deeply. This, along with common sense and the hatred of war are the only things that keep Phalon from turning into an insane and anger-fueled mass murderer.

Phalon was born in Noxus, but even living in the outskirts, she was more of an outsider than anyone. She ran away at the age of 13 when her father was killed by Demacians and her mother died of illness. A man who’s identity will not be revealed for exposition’s sake found her and took her to the Vladimism temple. Shortly after hearing about the blood reapers, Phalon decides to apply to become one. Training was harsh enough to kill or drive any human insane, but no matter how much she suffered, she continued, even after asked to quit numerous times. Eventually, Phalon succeeded after a year, but something that made her what she was before died in the process, turning her into the seemingly soulless person she is today.
As a reward for success, Phalon received a magical dagger as a weapon and as one of the only few possessions she has. The dagger itself was magically charged at the time, and over the course of 2 weeks, it slowly leaked magic into Phalon, strengthening the body and changing her appearance, but corrupting the mind even further, adding a suppressed bloodlust on top of fury.
2 years after this, Phalon leaves the temple and discovers Parrotopia after getting lost from a very long walk. She decides to explore the city and eventually learning about the Iron Solari, decides to apply for the military service. She continues to serve both sides to this day.

Advantages – Anything that bleeds
Weakness(es) – Anything that reminds her of her past, really close people in danger
Can’t Live Without – Blood (not in a normally understandable sense)
Really Likes – Killing the right victims, Vladimir.
Likes – Quiet places, teleporting to Valoran to visit Noxus and kick Demacian ass once or twice a year, long walks
Dislikes – Anything feminine or ‘sexy’ (dresses, makeup, skirts etc.), Evarok, womanizers, alcohol, being stalked, being called short
Really Dislikes – Demacia, killing the wrong victims, senseless murder and destruction, Vladimism getting involved in the war (turns into what you people call ‘GG’ on all sides. There will be no survivors), trying to destroy anything that won’t bleed.
Can’t ****ing Stand – Morello, the rest ofthe NMR

Favorite Quotes –
“Everyone here is walking their own path. And there’s 2 roads you can take. The first road leads right out that door. Because you think you’ve heard it all. Your other road begins right here, right now. Built by us, traveled by you. A wise man once said: the best way to predict the future is to invent it. So now, ladies and gentleman. Welcome. To the future.”
- Don’t remember at the moment. Some Pendulum song, I can say that much.

Achievements –
Two-sided: Be in 2 factions and still live.
Provoker: Piss off someone higher than you and get away with it.
Out of this world: Somehow end up in another dimension.
Rejected: Suffer in pain while trying to absorb something.
Bear Rider: Ride an armored bear.
Icebreaker: Break a complete stranger out of his ice prison.

[[I'll edit this more later as I need to. I just wanna get this **** thing out already.
I have a friend that might be able to get us some art for some of the characters, but only if he doesn't jerk out on me ad charges money. In that case, unless someone has $500 to spare, then we get no pics.]]

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[[Reserved for character post in the making.
Also, I have a friend that MIGHT be able to draw some of, if not all of our characters.
Notice how I said might.]]

((Tell him he has my approval and support over the idea. I like this.))

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[[Reserved for character post in the making.
Also, I have a friend that MIGHT be able to draw some of, if not all of our characters.
Notice how I said might.]]

((Tell him to not to forget me, Epicn00b, the master of the Legion of n00b. Actually, I have a drawing of the robes my character will definitely be wearing))

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Mr T Virus

Senior Member


Character Profile:

Name ♡♪!? a.k.a. Mr T Virus
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 200 lbs.
Race Human
Class Fighter
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction SSoTP (posing as Mercenary)
Rank (if applicable) Level 42 SSoTP Initiate
Allies Bob the Purple Caster Minion, Dulst the Werewolf, Underneathen

Appearance - On the surface appears to be a normal human. Has auburn hair and hazel eyes. He wears his traditional purple robe of the SSoTP but has recently acquired a browncoat to improve his 'disguise'. Currently carries with him a Frozen Mallet, a Tiamat, a Nerf Bat (gift from Underneathen), an enchanted steel-bladed hat (can be used as a projectile), and the sacred Lantern of Wriggle.


Strength – 8
Intelligence – 9
Battle Skill – 5
Magical Aptitude – 2
Dexterity – 6
Stamina – 6
Constitution – 8
Resilience – 6
Wisdom – 4
Charisma – 5

Powers/Abilties – Possesses abnormal strength for a human, can lift two-handed weapons with a single arm. He has curious trolling powers and knowledge. Has a keen sense of observation and heightened learning ability and can mimic most moves that he sees. May or may not be able to break the fourth wall...
Special Attacks:
FALCON PUNCH!!! - Harnesses elemental fire energy around his fist and unleashes it in a mighty punch.
Shoopus dae Whuupus - He fires his laser of magical energy, drains a large amount of his stamina after a single use.

Personality / History – Is a current initiate of the SSoTP, has been a member for the last three years. Was raised by his single mother until she died of magic cancer when he was 16 (father unknown). Has lived nomadically since then until joining the SSoTP. Has briefly trained at various dojos until quickly leaving after enlisting. *Minor note* At age 8, his grandmother was eaten whole by a werewolf (he didn't like her very much...).

Advantages – His attack patterns and thought processes are unorthodox, therefore effective and unpredictable.
Weakness(es) – Intelligent women (he starts mumbling like an idiot)
Can’t Live Without – Pizza, Trolls for Lols
Really Likes – Gaming, 'Club'bing, Deadpool
Likes – Rock 'N Roll, Yakitori
Dislikes – Werewolves, Gorgonzola cheese
Really Dislikes – Armored Bears, Michael Bay films
Can’t ****ing Stand – Zileas, Justin Beaver

Favorite Quotes
"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you." - Albus Dumbledore
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Ghandi
"I am Iron Man." - Captain America

Trundle is Bad, Never Play Him - Become an Initiate in the SSoTP
Gone Viral - Inadvertantly start a minor thread trend
NOMNOMNOM - Currently be eating a muffin
Curse your sudden and inevitable betrayal - Convince a minion to go rogue from the NMR
Trololololol - Troll someone out of a LOT of money
Ace Attorney - Find a contradiction in someone's statement