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Guardian Angel: A change maybe

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Ok for those that dont knowthe numbers Guardian Angel revives you giving you 750 health and 350 mana. Early and mid game this is an amazing item however late game this is not enough to allow you to escape most of the tiem after it procs. I read some stull onteh older version and it used to revive you with 40% of your health and mana.

I was wondering what people would think about a resortation of 30% health and mana instead. This would keep the item from beeing overly powerfull early game, and still usefull late game when the mana and health pools are higher.

With 2500 health and 1200 mana you would get about the same resoration late game as you would now from Gaurdian angel, Both numbers are easily obtainable evey by squishies. But it would allow tanks a better escape change if they build one. Having about 4k health would refund you 1.2k health but you would most likely get less than the 250 mana unless you stacked some mana items.

Let me know aht you think folks

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Well, the point of Guardian Angel is that second chance. With the right champions, 750 HP is enough to do a lot even in a team fight situation.

When it was % heal, it was considered OP because of how valuable it was. They noticed that Zilean's ulti healed on a flat value (albeit at a 300% AP ratio) and wondered why it was they didn't do that for Guardian.