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[Suggestion] Guardian Angel and Hexdrinker Changes

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First off, I wanted to clarify where I, personally, stand on these items and my beliefs regarding how Riot has dealt with items in the past. Then after I will explain my changes I would make while keeping in mind my thoughts of the most probable opinion of Riot's design team.

Guardian Angel:

It's a pretty good item for what it actually does, but in my opinion it costs way too much depending on how often you use it, the gold value fluctuates way too much. If you never die, you are only getting the gold value out of the resist and the on-death proc isn't worth it. However, if you die all the time, it is a real life saver and a game changer at times. I wouldn't necessarily call this item over powered, but the benefits of a full team with this item vs a team without it is extremely unbalanced in my opinion(assuming everyone has their full build and Guardian Angel is their last item).

I want to compare this to how Riot has dealt with Banshee's Veil in Dominion. The shield wouldn't be beneficial to the game play that Dominion is intended to have. Recently, Riot has explained they wanted more aggressive play styles. People with Guardian Angel typically play more aggressively, but it discourages people from playing aggressively towards them. That is my thoughts on Guardian Angel as of now.

I have a few possible change ideas in mind. Although, the number one change I would make to Guardian Angel is it's function. I don't want to ruin the feel of Guardian Angel too much, but it's revive is simply too much in my opinion. So, out with the revive and in with a shield that absorbs all types of damage like any other shield. That being said, there are a number of ideas to go with it.

The first being a shield that is gained after taking any damage that would take you below 30% of your maximum health or current health. To explain, maximum health is much like Hexdrinker is now. Current health implies the damage taken must be over 70% of your current health. At full heath, you wouldn't normally take enough damage to proc this effect. At low health, there is more of a probability to take enough damage to proc this effect. This means, the lower the health you currently have, the higher the chance the shield has to proc.

The second would be an active on the item itself. On active, you gain a shield that is a flat amount or percent of health. Flat amount could possibly be based off your current level or just a set amount due to level advantages being even more of an advantage and ruin game play. Percent of health would either be total health or a percent of your current health missing. Total health seems a bit too much in my opinion due to Warmog's high health values. Which is why I would assume the percent of current health missing. Something like 15-30% of your current health missing on active seems like a better fit to me.

Those are all my thoughts and suggestions on possible changes to Guardian Angel. These changes would promote more strategic game play and still keep the aggressive play style Riot is looking for. As well as not discourage people from engaging on others with a Guardian Angel.


This item has very little usable value and doesn't fit into any itemization I would use on any champion. I would much rather save up for a Guardian Angel as it is now or get a Wit's End. A small shield with little AD and MR isn't worth it to me. MR increases your effective health where as a 300 damage shield does not(damage applied to shields ignore all resistances you may have). Guardian Angel's passive is far more usable and is better for late game in every way. Wit's End has 42 damage on hit and 20 more potential MR which increases your effective health.

Malady was almost completely redone in the V0.9.22.7 patch due to usability issues. The Hexdrinker has those same usability issues and I believe needs to be changed. Malady's life steal wasn't need on an item that does magic damage and gives no actual damage to life steal with. The magic damage on hit was good, but really hard to use due to the total stacks needed for the full item potential. This is a good example of bad itemization and I will explain how this relates to the Hexdrinker.

The Hexdrinker is a magic resist item at heart and I would believe it works well except for one thing. Magic resist reduces magic damage by a percent. Shields do not reduce the damage at all, they absorb the full damage.

Effective health = health × (100 + magic resistance) / 100 when magic resistance ≥ 0.

This means, with 1000 health, Hexdrinker gives you 1300 effective health. That is essentially 300 more health with the 30 MR it has. Add the 300 shield and that is 600 more health and a total of 1600 effective health. Wit's End gives 30 MR which, with 1000 health, would give you 300 more health. It also has 20 more MR after 4 auto attacks for 5 seconds. Added to the other 30, this only gives you 1500 effective health which is 100 less than Hexdrinker.

It comes down to what item has the better value for your gold. After doing the math, Wit's End gives you 7 more damage than Hexdrinker every auto attack. Which is magic damage and cannot critically strike. Also, 100 less effective health, but 40% attack speed to compensate for the losses. All this for only a measly 200 more gold! You be the judge of that, but personally, I would rather have the Wit's End due to the better usability on the passive.

All that and finally to the actual suggestion. Well, first I would like to remove the whole passive all together. I'm going to start with what it is actually supposed to do. It is a magic resist item that gives some damage. There are much better AD items and much better MR items that work better for late game. I suggest upping the damage by 10 for late game purposes. Adding 250 health 5 MR to make up for the loss of the shield. Totally up to 45 AD, 35 MR and 250 health. Then, for total item usability, add this passive...

"If you are to take magic damage that exceeds 20% of your total health, this damage is reduced by 50%. This effect has a 30 second cool down."

This means, if you have 1000 health, you would need to take over 200 damage for this item to take effect. If you have 2000 health, you would need to take over 400 damage. If you get hit for 1000 damage, that means the enemy is Viegar and you would have reduced his damage by 500. At 1000 health, 500 is equal to 50 MR. Which is about 800 gold worth of MR. Basically, every 30 seconds you gain 50 MR vs one spell that would do equal damage to your health. The less health you have, the less MR value. The more health you have, the more MR value.

To add the 10 AD would be 415 more gold at least. Adding the passive gold value is a different story though. You would have to calculate the usual amount of magic damage one could take from an AP nuker take every 30 seconds. Then calculate the effective health it gives you by shielding every 30 seconds. Then you figure the average game length and subtract the time it might take to farm a Hexdrinker. Divide that by 30 seconds. Multiply that number by your effective health gained from the effect and you get an average of the total effective health for a single game with the Hexdrinker would give you.

An example would be this... One would only buy this item if they are up against a AP nuker. Lets say average damage taken is 600 from a single ability. Your average health at that point in time might be 1500 health. If 50% of the 600 you would be taking is 300. Then your effective health is 300, for one spell, every 30 seconds. Your MR is 40, for one spell, every 30 seconds.

Lets say average games last 30 mins and it takes you 10 mins to farm a Hexdrinker (assuming you are getting typical starting item and boots first). That is 20 mins average time of owning a Hexdrinker. That means you get an average of 12000 total potential effective health to use during a game. Divide that by 30 and that gives you 400 effective health at all times. Which is 26.66 MR at all times. Which is close to 425 gold value on the passive itself.

This item would probably cost around 2650 gold in total and might be built from a Ruby Crystal, a Pickaxe and a Null-Magic Mantle plus 800 gold. Keep in mind this is calculating taking 600 damage every 30 seconds on the dot. Which is the max potential for the item's effect, but the average potential for how much damage you would take. The value of the item goes up based on how much you are getting nuked for every time it is up.

It would be an item of desperation, but worth it if you are getting one shot all the time. Like I said, you would only get it if you are versing an AP nuker. That wraps up my suggestion for the Hexdrinker.

I could have tackled the values on Guardian Angel, but it seemed too easy and I just wanted to do the math for Hexdrinker to better justify the change for Riot designers.

TL,DR - I do believe I deserve some comments by people who actually read the whole thing. I would think people browsing the item forums and Riot employees would be able to read this horribly long suggestion. :P

Thanks for reading. Please post your thoughts!

P.S. A red post would be fantastic!

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Hexdrinker shield is considered true HP and is multiplied by your MR just like real HP. Most shields are considered true HP in fact.

With just hexdrinker most champs should be at 60 MR, at 1k HP that's 1600 eHP. The shield adds another 480HP to that getting you to 2080 eHP

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What autocthon said is right, hexdrinker's shield takes damage post mitigation just like every other shield. If you want an example its most easily seen with shields like Malphite or on Udyr, their tips actually tell you this. Or you can see it on Shen... it's why his tiny shield absorbs so many attacks.