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Riot's goal of aggressive gameplay & the direction of LoL

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Actually I just called it, Heimer's turrets too defensive in nature, removed and he is now changed to AD ASSASSIN! wooo hooo!

He would still be ap friend.

That said I want to point out that Riot is trying to promote more aggressive play by removing spells that forced you to stay back from what would otherwise be a pushed tower (fortify) and by nerfing flash which well as I said above keep you in those close fights more often and it'll get rid of the "I'm a noob got to run" button. I feel the new flash will still be very viable. Furthermore, the new summoner spells will help you to push a tower by either giving you a buff that allows you to do more dmg or giving you a super minion , or something similar. This does not take away the lane phase or drastically change the meta. As such I feel there is too much concern about the changes your beloved SR should still feel like SR.

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I am of the opinion they need to just leave the hyper agression to dominion and leave SR with its current (and I feel more involved) playstyle.