ranked dodge

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i would just like to request that elo loss doesn't come with a ranked dodge. increase the time penalty for rejoining a Q if needed but its unfair to be unable to dodge when 4 guys autolock ad carries or one of them decide to troll with rally/revive.

its like a no win situation, if i stay around, i lose elo eventually by losing the game, if i dodge, i save time but still lose elo. i do believe this should be fixed

thanks for reading

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I think that the -20 elo hit is a bit much, but if there wasn't some sort of elo hit people would constantly dodge until they got to play the champion they wanted or the team comp is to their liking. I think instead they should make it so repeat dodging scales, and the first dodge isn't too penalized. Like your first dodge in X amount of time just results in like a 5 min wait and maybe -5 elo then if you dodge again it becomes a 15 min wait and -20 elo, or something along those lines that way the penalty for dodging a derpy team isn't too bad.