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How to stop my ranked losing streak?

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Mills Mess

Senior Member


Stick to what you are good at. Inform your team mates and try to communicate. Its all random man. Ive just been playin nid and now im 7 and 1 with her in ranked. Just gotta get lucky

My Taric win % is 81.8%. I just haven't been able to win lately. You're right, I do have to get lucky.

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Junior Member


I have the same problem haha (I'm not saying its my teams fault ) But whenever I play ranked there is a troll or an afk or someone who just sucks... I try to take a break but there is always on of those people... my score would range from 5/1/6 to 3/4/2 so I'm not doing all that bad its just I get paired with the worst team mates and lose. I actually dropped so low I went in to bronze. Please help! 0-0