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How can I get better ping?

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Master Dim Sum

Senior Member


Okay first off I live in Guam...yes, it's US territory, I'm a US Citizen, and I speak English. So I prefer to play on the NA server.

Anyway my ping here is okay...but it's not preferable. Like 140-170. At 140 it's reasonable, but at 170 the slight delay effects things like last hitting, sometimes even can mean the difference between getting that kill, and that guy getting away and /all chatting nice try noc...

So yeah I know given my distance, I know I may never get the amazing ping you guys get on the US mainland (which from what I've seen is anywhere from 30-70). But I'm hoping to get maybe like 100 one day. I already had my ISP upgrade my DSL and bond my lines. So I was once getting transfer rates of 2.5k down and 0.5k up and now it's more like 7 kbps down and 1k up. I am using a wired connecting directly to my router. This is what helped my ping drop from 170 to 140.

Anything else I can try to get better ping rates? does anyone know the actual IP address or server name for LOL that I can tell my ISP to possibly check their routes? Maybe they can re-route?

or am I pretty much SOL?

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You could try port-forwarding although I really don't think this will help.
The only thing that really helps ping is having a nice connection speed and location.