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Replay System

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I believe this is the correct section for this thread, but if it's not. Sorry!

Alright, when searching this topic I found a couple thread that posted about this. None of them had reasoning why and how it would improve the game. This is where this thread come into play.

I love playing League of Legends for a great time, but I also enjoy the competitiveness the game has to offer and competing against other people that love to do the same thing.

The problem is there isn't really anything I could use, other than external software, to record my gameplay so I could look over it and see what me or my opponent did right and wrong. Since Epic Game fully support competitive gaming I believe a replay system could be added to the client. It will help many people get better at the game, by fixing their mistakes, and it an easier way for people to share their gameplay.

Another reason that this system should be added is that competitive sites like MLG, Gamebattles or the other out their could use recording to grab data from games by simply uploading the replay and have a script grab the data from the file. It would help them out collecting stats.

Overall I wouldn't hurt anything and it would be a huge improvement on the game. You wouldn't need any extra space on servers, because they would be stored locally on the player's machine. I really hope to see a system like this added to the client.

Thanks, Impulser!