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Key Binding Presets

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It would be really nice to have saveable key binding preset options.

My reason for this suggestion is this:

I play several different champs, Swain, Lux, Kassadin, Xerath, Nocturne, Alistair, and Singed are my primary champs, and they all have rather different skill sets.

Now, I love smart cast. It's a great feature that drastically improves reaction time and general playability, but I only like it on certain abilities, namely skillshots and ground targeting abilities. I generally dislike smart cast on single target abilities.

For instance, my preferred setups for all of the above champs are:
Swain: Smart cast only W
Lux: Smart cast everything
Kassadin: Smart cast only R
Xerath: Smart Cast Q and R, Manual E, W doesn't matter
Nocturne: Smart cast only Q
Alistair: No smart cast
Singed: Smart cast only W

Sure, it's possible to quickly change bindings in the 1:30 before minions spawn, but even when you know exactly what you're changing your bindings to, it takes about 15-20 seconds to do so, which leaves you 15-20 seconds behind everyone else in doing things like protecting your jungle/preparing a counter jungle gank, as it's horrendously unsafe to do it while walking to the gank/protect location.

In addition, the reason I do not like the Shift+hotkey smart cast option is because it's too susceptible to mispressing in the heat of frantic team fights.

Allowing presets here turns it into a 5-second process, able to be completed before you pass your inhibitor turret out of the base.