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Couple suggestions

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1. Reporting system for language... Just filter the language, no more reporting... people are already going to change the spelling, so just filter the real word, IF you select to SEE the profanity, it is nobodies fault but your own.

2. Champion Selection. Less in ranked obviously, but I'm tired of joining a game that will last at LEAST 20 min of my life, and am forced to play with a 4 champs that are melee AD, or 3 ranged squishies and no tank, or some other GOD AWFUL combo. I cant play all 5 champs, I cant even suggest that they think about the long term effect, they just auto lock in anyway. Give people a way to skip to another game, or allow people to join a game that is NOT ranked, but allows them to join a game based on a TYPE of character they want to play. For example, I want to play either a Carry or Tank. Then it joins me to a game that those options are available. Everyone knows there needs to be a balance for the teams, so why not make that a gametype I can join. Select what class you want to play, then group up teams based on what you want to play. DONE. no more btching.