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Release Notes v1.0.0.94

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can u make a knight? like the medieval ones? or a dragon rider

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Lord Mathrotus

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Wow yeah.

Cho fixes ftw
Veigar buffs ftw (especially the new way to gain AP from hero kills)
Item changes ftw (new sword of the divine means indirect nerf to jax and new spirit visage means indirect nerf to healers)

Gangplank: I like the new parrrley, but not the new raise morale... Oh well, it's not bad so... whatever.

Pantheon: bout time they fix HSS

Not sure about the new ability... Sounds... kinda weird.
But I like how volley doesn't slow anymore (if it's really what "no longer stacks" means).
Kiting was too powerful.

Shaco: JitB fixes. Woot.

Show HP bar bug: Well, it's gonna be helpful for most people. As of myself, I had already found a fix around it (took a while of messing around with hotkeys but I did it :P).

New hero: Who doesn't like a new hero?

Overall, this patch pwns.


Well wow. Just tried Veigar and it happens they didn't name every change they did to him hm?

His AP ratios suck balls now.

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:'( no singed fixes

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Anzer Panzer

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innervating locket no longer heals minions. great!

wait what??

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Foxtrot Hero



Does anyone else have problems with Shen's taunt? Sometimes it launches the complete opposite direction, sometimes it just stops short, other times I go right through champions and nothing happens.

Also, I'm glad they nerfed the vorpal blade. Obviously it was too OP for Shen, who has very minimal damage output and practically no farming capabilities, and relies almost solely on his health to be a formidable champ. I'm glad they made it so he cannot get his health back so easily. Can we nerf his damage output more too? And maybe take away his armor and magic resist? Or have his ult channel for 15 seconds instead of 3? Clearly, he is too good for this game.

...sorry, I have been raging pretty hard lately with Shen. It just annoys me that his farming capabilities are so bad that if I get harassed hard and have to back that pretty much leaves me screwed all game. The only chance for decent farming is 1.) Tiamat, which is stupid on Shen, or 2.) Sunfire, but at such a high price that would mean delaying the Warmog's even longer, which, by then, would make it almost useless, and make his tanking abilities kind of crappy.

Guess I will just have to keep last hitting creeps and kill stealing (minions) from allies to keep Shen healthy unless they give him even a micro buff.

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I stopped playing veigar, his ult is unusable at level 6. Took away manabuff on kill... does riot enjoy taking mana away from the game? voidstaff, zhonya, sage's ring, now veigar's ult. Sure the other buffs were good, but nerfing his ult makes him much weaker overall. Even though you're limiting many of the mana items, i'd rather his ult be based on the target's max mana than their ap.

And you took away his entropy ap leech passive? and he doesn't get 5 ap on kill of any level of baleful or ult? how is he going to be the tiny master of evil if his ap options are wiped?

I'm switching to annie, she's more evil than veigar now.

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Lolz reply 1337