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Need some buddies to play with!

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Just downloaded League of Legends, played the tutorial got into a game and.....everybody is a big meanie to me because I'm horrible.....>_>

So I'm here asking if anybody want's to play together with me, I have almost no experience with these kinds of games, I usually play games like Starcraft or Diablo so....Yeah.

Add me ingame if your nice and don't mind a lot of noob questions!

I play on the NA server because that's what somebody suggested for an Australian.
In-game Name: 2Pluz2
I'm 16 so I want be cracking it or anything =)

P.S - I'm Australian, so I do lagg I little bit sometimes, It wont hinder my game to much I promise!

2Pluz2 Hooroo!

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You can add me as HngryHngryHobo just like my forum name I'm more than willing to teach you the basics in a custom game or something.