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Fixing the Problem

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Hey everyone, like you I'm having the same runtime issue. I'm looking into it now but want to provide a bit of information on the problem, or at least my interpretation.

('.\string-s.c'(700)]::mbstowcs_s(): ERROR -> invalid parameter! {expression = 'invalid MBS character'}

The first part says that somewhere there is a file called "string.c" which specifies a list of C functions on strings, since strings aren't a supported C datatype.

The function having an issue is mbstowcs_s(), which simply converts a sequence of characters represented as a multibyte characters, to a sequence of standard 16-bit wide characters. What's happening is the program is trying to convert a character it doesn't recognize as a valid multibyte character, so it crashes. Read the function as "MBS to WCS."

So why did this happen? It sounds like a MS DLL update issue, since this is a common operation, but another guy tried replacing the DLLs, to no avail. I have a couple of ideas, but I'd love to know if anyone else has a better understanding of the problem/possible solution idea.

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