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"Take your complaits to WCG" is a total BS copout.

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IEM, MLG, ESWC, WCG +WCG Grand Finals, ESWC, and so on, are all tournaments and series run by companies who assume responsibility for the running of the tournaments they stick their name on. Riot does have an eSports department, but from what I see, the job of the eSports department is to help these companies who run events such as WCG get acclimated to LoL, (maybe) sponsor their prize pool, organize tech support for the event as well as they can, and reach/getting LoL involved in these major competitions. The actual obligation to run the tournament smoothly rests with the company who organized it and plans on running it (in this particular case, WCG and affiliates).

There's absolutely no reason why it should reflect on Riot as a company considering they didn't write the rules and WCG, by simply hosting the tournament, took responsibility for the outcome. The only reason Riot is in the blame here is because they were the first to respond to the incident (see: Matt Marcou on SotL). I'm not saying Riot is entirely pure--they've had their hiccups such as the Season 1 Finals at Dreamhack in June. That's an event they took responsibility in running, and it arguably went rather poorly. But this time around... Nope.

It's almost similar to a scenario where someone blames Spalding for the NBA delay this year. They make the basketball, but the NBA runs the game.

Except that from the words of RiotMarcou himself he did have a say in the rules therefore RIOT as a whole had a say and shoulders part of the blame.