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My opinions on how to fix Twisted Treeline

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Skip down if you don't want to read the wall of text.

Twisted Treeline has gotten a bad rap for quite a while. The maing reason for this is players were pushing for a new map, and Riot gave it to them without making specific balance changes for that map. I'd like for you to all look at these problems with me, and see how we can fix them.

First, we need to look at a bit of history for this map, and how it has evolved.

Originally, on TT there was one dominant champion in every game, and that champion was Dr. Mundo. Dr. Mundo had a force of nature passive, a perma slow, which dealt ridiculous damage, a CC reduction, a large attack damage steroid, and a movement speed, and health regen steroid. At level one a Mundo could solo red buff, and as soon as dragon spawned kill dragon.

Mundo was incredibly hard to fight, so a champion with a consistant gap closer, who was also beefy enough to survive taking cleavers to the face was called to action. This champion was Jax. Jax alone couldn't kill Mundo, so at least one ignite was needed for every team fight, every 30 seconds if Mundo didn't die.

Around the time that Jax was discovered as the hard counter to Mundo Akali had just come out. Jax was a tough customer for most champions as you had to avoid auto attacking him. While Akali's main damage dealing spell required an auto attack to proc her passive spellvamp, and extremely large ranged gap closer made her quite the hard counter.

When Akali became raining queen of defeating anyone in a 1v1, and escaping from teamfights flash became 100% needed to catch her.

Oh yeah, and Mundo got nerfed, because he was so broken. That made him almost entirely useless on 5v5s. Oh Yeah, and Shaco has always been a really problematic champion on that map, but will always have far too broken mechanics for that map, not even worth messing with him.

NOW, out with the long introduction, let's look at what I believe can be changed.

Almost all of the changes are going to require Riot to make balance changes specifically for TT, that won't effect 5v5s, or dominion.

First: The recall timer is too long to suit this map, I almost never chance sitting in a bush while a channel goes off, and I check the shop. Unless I just aced a team and they have a shrooming teemo I never recall. I think 6-7 seconds would do it.

Second: There are only 20 odd champions that are really viable on TT. These champions typically have a blink, and some sort of healing.

Third: summoner spells are even more limited on TT than SR, these pretty much are always, Flash, Ignite, and Exhuast. You must have flash.

Fourth: Item choices are extremely limited. I can't think of the last time that I saw a tear of the godess on the winning team. Whether it's revamping some items for that map, or adding ones specific to it something needs to be done.

Fifth: Riot has hardly advertised this map. I got to participate in the only TT Tournament (Razer Twisted Treeline Tournament). The prizes were big for the time, the only real tournament LoL had at the time. As far as pushing the map to the playerbase.... Not at all. There are all sorts of little things that could bring popularity to the map, such as featuring it in the champion spotlights. The last time that happened was Akali or Kennen.

I could count out a lot of other things, but I'm not trying to sound too opinionated.

Anyways, thanks for the read.

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i think the slow map proliferation (SR, TT, now dominion) is to make different arenas for diferent champions. For example, in dominion the carrys rocks cuse of the starting lvl and the scale speed. TT the manaless champs or "not mana hungry" have the advantage, going all the time b or step aside waiting for recharge makes the diference due to the map size, u can hurt a turret faster and easier. In SR the situation is diferent, it depends more on your team, but generally speaking the carrys and nukers are less powerfull here, just cuse of the number of players. I think the AoE and tanky dps champs are stronger here, cuse of the roles they can take and potential TOTAL dmg they can make (to all the players at the same time).

if u consider this u can look for every champ and see where he is viable or not, off course this can change with counterpics in Draft, but still, some champs can remain as strong choises. For example, i think garen is SUPER strong in TT, viable in SR, and sucks in Dom. Trynd is super strong in Dom, viable in TT, weaker in SR. Jax is EXTREMLY powerfull in SR, viable in Dom, but pretty weak in TT. ETC

Some days ago i read a QQ post about mundos weakness in Dom, calling for a buff there, but its just about balance, otherwise u will be able 2 play with one single champ all the game all the matches and expect a good result simply cuse of ur champ selection.

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Theou Aegis

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Also, TT allows for off-beat item builds to actually work well. IAS (attack speed) Amumu, or any champ for that matter, does very well on TT. I main IAS Morgana on TT over half the time and lose only when my second partner (my fiance is my first partner) is some random feeder, leaver, or someone who's too busy complaining about Wit's End on Morgana (yes, I get Malady too, but I've always been partial to Wit's End on all my champs). Gankers and long-shotters work well on TT as well. I suck at Caitlyn, but her ult, even after being nerfed, is still brutal on TT. And yes it's true blinkers tend to excel on TT (Lee Sin + ward = gg), but even non-blinkers like Amumu and Morgana (and Teemo, which my fiance always plays) can do well on TT. In TT you don't so much need a tank as much as you need some fast hitters. Agility I think plays a bigger role in TT than SR.