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Dominion's Capture Point Locations

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I am not a fan of the locations most of the capture points are at.

Windmill is the only easily contestable point that can be held, out of five different points.

Spawn points lead directly into the two lower capture points.

These make holding the two lower bases easy to hold on your side, but almost impossible to hold the opposing points for a decent amount of time.

The team who holds Windmill the longest duration will most likely win making it a battle over that point, with distractions at the two lower points.

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Call me crazy, but it may be designed like that.

If all 5 points are easy to hold shut outs become to easy, therefore the most rewarding points need to be the hardest to get.

Why are bot and mid rewarding? Because it causes tunnel visioning, and you have a wider area of control. You can know were people are going right away and respond to it quickly with those positioned at bot and mid.