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League of Legends Reward System

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TL;DR version

A system for LoL which rewards positive behaviour, based around player recommendations, with small rewards being received for every so many recommendations.

The Idea

This is an idea I've been toying with for a while. Essentially, LoL has the report/ban system and tribunal for people who are detrimental to the game-play experience. This system is based around the punishment of players for negative behaviour.

To some extent this works, I'm sure plenty of people are banned each day, however what it does not do is set an example; something players should strive towards. There is no real incentive for players to behave better, be nicer, providing they are not committing a ban-able offense, people will generally often be rude and inconsiderate.

So my idea is this. In addition to the current reporting option, players be given a "recommend" option, or something of that ilk. Essentially, this is reserved for players who you have thoroughly enjoyed playing with, whether it's because they have a positive attitude, boosted the moral of the team or settled disputes. There are some people I've played with and wished that there was something I could do to reward them, because the more you play this game, the easier it is to turn into a belligerent fool and those who can play this game day in and day out while remaining kind and considerate are worthy of reward.

Further Details

Personally, I would give players only a certain number of recommendations each day, however give them additional recommendations above the cap for every X games played (this way if you're playing a lot of games in a row, you don't always have to be shrewd about who you recommend). Having limited recommendations should hopefully stop people from just agreeing to all recommend each other, meaning recommendations are saved for when they are deserved.

I feel like the reward system should work essentially as the banning system works: one recommendation doesn't mean much, but after a certain number, you will be rewarded with something small (some IP, a few IP boosts, it doesn't have to be big, just something nice to know you've made an effort to improve the community). Then if you continue to receive recommendations, I feel more significant rewards should be received at milestone points for those people who are consistently awesome to play with.

Potential Problems

There are some things I feel could be exploited with this system: firstly you shouldn't be able to 'recommend' someone you queued with, this is a no-brainer. Secondly, I can't think of anything really to say about this, but I do feel people would say "if you recommend me, I'll recommend you" which I feel detracts from the whole thing - I suppose you have to hope that the majority would use them wisely, as naive as that sounds.

So that's my idea, give incentives for people who are fun to play with and help reward the good people in this community.

Thanks for reading