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A New Champion Approaches: Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss

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Junior Member


I just played a game with him,
one word, fun.
He can be kind of borderline op when release
because opponents are just not familiar with its move set.
The ult is not global, but the range is still insane.
I can fire shots from the bushes near mid to the other teams tower
I can fire at enemies who are trying to "b" near tower
and watch them die as my spit lands on them.

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Major OP champ. Needs to be fixed.

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Senior Member


I think this hero is far from op'd.

He's very squishy, deals mediocre damage(even with completed end-item set), and has a initiative passive that is terrible(maybe, maybe will get you 1 kill, maybe).

I actually regret purchasing him, I've managed 8/5/12 with him in solo-queue. Although feeding him from the start early game can be devastating, but that's true for about anyone.