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Should Riot make the launcher to where we can choose the background?

Yes 6 85.71%
No 1 14.29%
Voters 7 .

LoL Launcher Suggestion

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Senior Member


I have had this thought for a while, and i do not understand why Roit just doesn't do this.

Why doesn't Riot have an option on the League of Legends Launcher that allows you to pic and choose which background you would like?

Example: Recently they have had changed the background a few times, from original, to the new version, to a haunting nocturne (with changed music), to a epic fiddlestick background with epic music. In my opinion of course.

Does anyone else wish this would happen?

Because i would LOVE to get my Haunting Nocturne launcher back, or forever keep my epic Fiddlesticks background along with the awesome music.

Vote up and thumbs up if you want Riot to make choosing your background in the launcher and option.

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Junior Member


i would love that to