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What happens next?

[NMR] March north by land. Attack the Nikasaur Manifest. Crush them before they aid the IsC. 60 14.89%
[NMR] Deploy by sea. Head straight to the Nyandaregion to frame the Confederacy. 47 11.66%
[NMR] Deploy by sea to the Nyandaregion, but stop in the Imperium for supplies first. 27 6.7%
[NMR] Deploy by sea to the Nyandaregion, but stop to attack the Imperium to steal their supplies. 31 7.69%
[IsC] Attempt to gain an alliance with the Nikasaur Manifest. 121 30.02%
[IsC] Send a large, armed caravan to purchase supplies from the Imperium. 52 12.9%
[IsC] Attempt to join forces with the Imperium to gain access to their equipment. 88 21.84%
[IsC] Wait to see what the NMR does next. Send out scout teams to spy on them. 44 10.92%
[The Knights who Drink Tea] Drink tea! (Tea! Tea! Tea!) 128 31.76%
[Xyphuminati] Be foreboding, but otherwise useless. 98 24.32%
[Imperium] Continue to stockpile supplies. Wait until one side or the other approaches you. 46 11.41%
[Imperium] The Phreakemperor said he supports bears. Arrange a meeting with the IsC leadership. 98 24.32%
[Anti-Fun Agenda] Zileas' minions show up to wreck everyone's stuff and eradicate impure content. 76 18.86%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 403 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 2 - Never Trust a Dark Lord

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Zileas: to further increase our verbal talents, I demande that you rename your faction the "Zileas Zealots"

On a more serious note, I need to appologies for being out for very long (medical appoitement for me today) on anybody who waited. Let me draw out my next actions and stand somewhere (Uszi will have to wait a bit sadly, I haven't even red all pages yet).

New Morello Republic

After the global meeting with the Nerf Lord, Msyk started planning all of his next steps

(So, words are that the Imperium is now alligned with the Conclave... or at least with the Brotherhood, who are allies of the Iron Solari Conclave. This is bad.)

While in his own thoughts, Msyk was walking towards one of the Keep's many tower stairs, to be as high as possible while meditating on the situation.

(I already sent Xandar with a missive to the Imperium, but the alliance will probably be finalised before he can reach them, since they are overseas. Plus, this message is signed by the Confederacy of Armored Bear, which have been... been placed on hold for now. I have to pay a visit to Underneathen at some point... but not now.)

Upon arriving at the top of the north-western most tower of the keep, Msyk felt a chill in the air. The wind was blowing all arround his large cult-like robe, which he closed even more. He then immediatly proceeded to lean on one of the windows, and cleaned his mind of any thoughs, atempting to reach a certain point over the yonder mentaly. After connecting mentaly to he goal, he then proceeded to transfer his thoughts.

*Lucia. This is Msyk. Do you hear me, and you are busy?*

*Receiving you perfectly, Msyk. I am approaching my destination very shortly, what is the matter?*

*I sent Xandar with a message from one of our... allied... faction to the Imperium. But things have changed here, and he needs to come back right away. After that, proceed with your own mission*

Without even waiting for a response, he cut the mental communication. If there was one of his underlings he trusted, it was her. But he kept his leaning position in the window, enjoying the bitter cold snow that occasionnaly landed on his face.

(Next is to eradicate the Nyandalites and Nyantrapolis, and pining the blame on the Confederacy. It will be easy to say that they've gone rogue. Words about our new ally will spread quickly, and their relationship with any Armored Bear will undoubtably make it easy to pass the blame away from the Republic. But this plan must be executed perfectly. We're already leaving tonight, so what to do...? I can't ask one of our best magus to just nuke the place, it won't be credible that the Confederacy, who are just bear fighters, did it. Il have to send most of our troops and the mercenaries do it the old fashion way: with sweat and steel. Plus, the dead body of that angry Confederacy bear is already providing me a great way of blaming them.)

(Plus we need more vessels to cross overseas. Fortunatly, that'll be easy to deal with. I have the green light from our Lord to hire Uszi's pirates at any cost. If only I could plan this war at 100% my way, with Morello's input. Some of his projects are great, but others impair my already half built ideas.)

Msyk then shivered at the thought of an other nerfbat swing because of those blasphemous ideas

(No... in the end, our Lord's plans always suceeded. Always. Even if I questionned the initial impact, the end result was always optimal.)

Msyk then kept rumminating ideas for the next few hours...

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VP of Game Design


Valkyrie Lead:
Seeing as you are getting some votes, how about removing the ones you forged. Stuffing the ballot box is a punishable crime in Runeterra. >.> i think.

I need to preserve my power for other challenges. It's a good suggestion. Except I see no evidence of any poll fixing. This is groundless and outrageous.

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Valkyrie Lead:
Seeing as you are getting some votes, how about removing the ones you forged. Stuffing the ballot box is a punishable crime in Runeterra. >.> i think.

Behold Zileas' evil power over polls.

Cursed be Zileas.

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Valkyrie Lead:
Seeing as you are getting some votes, how about removing the ones you forged. Stuffing the ballot box is a punishable crime in Runeterra. >.> i think.

What a horrendous and slanderous accusation! Zileas does not forge votes. He earns them through blood and perspiration. Usually not his own but still he earns them!

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Valkyrie Lead

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I need to preserve my power for other challenges. It's a good suggestion. Except I see no evidence of any poll fixing. This is groundless and outrageous.

I'm on to you.... The Grand Marshal of the Iron Solari is not so easily fooled...

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Ambearsador Soupcup - Leader of the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear.

As the Ambearsador's emotions rose due to Volibar's words, he paced throughout the throne. This is a great day, indeed. He thought to himself. Suddenly, as he could still hear the voices of his brothers in the yard, Volibar entered the Hall once again.

"Soupcup, I wish to speak to the men."

"Alright, Volibar. They are still in the courtyard, celebrating your return. I wish to speak to them as well, but first I must go find the two emmissaries and Spades."

The Ambearsador left the hall, walking down the path to the infimary. As he entered, Flamell and Baneson stood as if they were speaking.

"Ambearsador!" Flamell said, "Is it true that Volibar has returned?"

"Yes, Flamell. He requests to speak with the men in the courtyard. As do I, I request both of your presences."

"Alright then." Flamell said as he walked closer.

"Come." the Ambearsador said as he waved them to follow.

They walk down the hallway, briefly lit by torches along the stone walls. They arrive at Spades' quarters. Then the Ambearsador says,

"Spades, as you are aware, Volibar has returned. He is going to speak to the men, as am I. I wish to have you by my side during this time."

Spades nodded as he stood and began to follow behind Flamell and Baneson. They traveled back to the hall, where Volibar was waiting. Upon seeing him, Spades immediately bowed to one knee.

"Hello, Spades. It is good to see you once again." Volibar said with a smile.


"Alright everyone, shall we?" The Ambearsador said as he waved towards the balcony.

With the three by Volibear and Soupcup's side, they walked to the balcony and open the large wooden doors. As the doors opened, the celebrating crowd turned to see what was happening. As they say Volibar, they cheered louder so as to praise him. The uproar was similar to that of earlier. Then Volibar walked closer to the edge, placing one hand on the cold stone guard rail. His other hand raised high into the air, and as this happened, the crowed started to calm.

"I have returned!" Volibar exclaimed as he then continued,

"For many years, my brothers, I have trusted this man" He said as he pointed to the Ambearsador. "with the leadership of the Brotherhood. Soupcup and I have talked, and I have been informed of recent events. With his decisions, my stance on his leadership still stands strong, if not stronger. With this said, I will leave him in command."

The crowd seemed shocked, even Spades' expression showed confusion towards his statement.

"Be calm, my brothers. My reasons for this decision are valid. As I have been away, I have not known what has happened in the Brotherhood. Soupcup, of course, does. As I have told him, I will tell you all as well. I will advise situations, but one telling another events is no where similar to actually having them take place before your eyes. This man has showed valor in these years, and continues to put forth a constant flow. I have not only faith, but trust in him. As you all should. I will always be by your side, my brothers. But Soupcup will lead you to victory in this time."

The crowd, man and bear alike, started to roar. They accepted his words, and were happy on this glorious day. Volibear then raised his hand once more, and then retreated back to his study. The Ambearsador, smiling, stepped forward. Grasping the rail as Volibar had done, and yelled to his people,

"Brothers!" He cried, as his deep voice echoed throughout the yard.

The crowd turned to him, awaiting his words.

"As you all are aware of recent events with the Iron Solari, the fair Lady Leona has been captured by Morello himself."

The crowd calmed slightly, and expressions showed wonder of where this was leading.

"Over the past nights, many decisions have been made regarding this situation. This man," He said as he pointed to Flamell, "has come from Parrotopia to extend an offer from the King himself. Due to the abduction of Lady Leona, war has been instigated. Perparations are being made on both sides. We have remained neutral for many, many years. Now is the time we rise out of the ashes, and show our honor once more. The Iron Solari have called for an alliance, so that we may aid them in their troubles. To which I have accepted."

The crowd showed some disappointment.

"Brethren! Calm yourselves. Volibar has agreed with my stance on this matter, and as you know, we have always stood for peace throughout the land. The Iron Solari shares this belief with us. The Republic, however, wishes for destruction. No matter our decision of side, the war will come to us, be it Morello or IronStylus. I have allied us with the Iron Solari not out of hatred or grudge against the Republic, rather, to cause peace. I have carefully observed the politics of other factions, and made my decision after a long time spent with thought. There have been those who questioned my decisions, claiming we are no better than our splinter group, who has joined the Republic. Claiming that I have forgotten about the Creation. When this is no where near true, my brothers. Our splinter group, comprised of few, man and bear alike, are known as the Confederacy of the Armored Bear. They wish to achieve the Creation in a fast way, no matter the cost. Underneathean, the leader of these traitors, has claimed that, if imbalance, destruction, distrust and other inhumane properties are needed to achieve the Creation, he will gladly cause it."

The crowd looked in awe, as the Ambearsador took yet another deep breath. His eyes then widened, and showed nothing but determination.

"By following this path, he risks his brothers. If we were to have followed their path, the Brotherhood could cease to exist. I would gladly set aside the Creation in order to protect all of you. For without the Brotherhood, the Creation can not be achieved. A true leader of his people would put aside his own desires, and put forward the needs of his people. This, is what I have done. I have put you all forward. The Confederacy would desolate the land if it meant the Creation would be possible. But under Morello's rule, no one would trust eachother. There would be imbalance, crime, hatred, tension and most of all, fear. Every soul would live in fear under the knowledge that Morello could nerf them at his will, should he deem it necessary. The Iron Solari dedicate themselves to the light, rather than the darkness. For peace, rather than destruction. Under their rule, we shall achieve peace. Tensions will wither, and acceptance of one another would be made. No longer would we, as the Brotherhood, be distrusted due to our beliefs. Nor would any other faction. Everyone would live under equality, and most of all: peace. I have said this before and I shall say it once more, to all of my people. The path that the Confederacy have chosen causes them to lose sight of our true ways. To lose their honor. Though it could possibly be quicker, it is against all morale. The path that I have chosen to lead us down, will lead to true peace. Through sheer kindness and respect of IronStylus' rule, any tensions will resolve, and cause much stronger relationships bewteen all. There will also be no fear of being nerfed, as the power to do so will be abolished. I would never stoop so low as to do what Underneathean has said he wishes to do. Though the route that I have chosen is not the fastest, it leaves us with our dignity. It allows for a peaceful world. One of acceptance. One of brotherhood. One without fear, and one with honor. For, without our honor, what are we? No better than the splinter. We used to be secluded, kept to ourselves. Now is the time where we make ourselves known, brothers. Now is the time where we achieve peace throughout the land!"

The crowd raised their arms, fist and paw clenched in unison, and the uproar began. The cheering echoed throughout the yard as some men were seen smiling, while some were clapping and others were clashing their steel.

"We are the peacekeepers of the land, the chosen few who have been entrusted with the Creation. We are one! I ask you to not only fight out of your honor, brethren; but for the sake of the world. For the sake of peace -- FOR VOLIBAR!

"Through alliance, of light-augmented claw, we stand united! For beneath the light, NOTHING can hide from the might of the Armored Bear!"

The uproar continued, as the Ambearsador smiled upon his people. He beat his own chest with his right, as everyone in the crowd simoultaneously followed.

"FOR VOLIBAR! The crowd yelled, as they seemed to celebrate the union. The Ambearsador then returned into his quarters, accommodated with the feeling of accomplishment.


After some time, the Ambearsador turned to Spades.

"Excellent speech, Ambearsador." Spades said.

"Thank you, Spades. But it is time."

The Ambearsador gazed at the three of them, and said,

"It is time for you three to venture out, to the Iron Solari."

The Ambearsador looked at Flamell.

"I am glad your wound is near fully healed, Flamell. I hope that your travels will be safe this time around. Especially with Baneson and Spades at your side. Let us go."

The Ambearsador leads the group out of the hall, and into the courtyard. The men, still in the yard, greeted them all with a salute as they walked by. As they approached, the large gates swung open, showing the lush outer boundaries of the land. When they reached the gate, the Ambearsador turned towards Spades.

"May your bear always be armored, and Volibar grant him power for peace, my brother." The Ambearsador said as he saluted. Spades did the same in kind.

"I wish you all good luck in your travels, and hope to meet again soon. Perhaps in Parrotopia." He said as he smiled.

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Grand Marshal Valkyrie Lead- Iron Solari Commander

The Grand Marshal became aware that he had feeling in his hands and feet. He tried to open his eyes, but was met with only a blurry outline of vague shapes in the background. He attempted to move his hand to the front of his face, but he was greeted with a sharp pain in his shoulder.

"That **** Baron." He tried to say but it came out as more of a moan and a grunt then coherent speech.

"As skilled with words as always, I see." High Councilor Deathpizza said, placing a cup of water in the Grand Marshal's good hand. The Marshal nodded and sipped the cup of water down. The Grand Marshal blinked several times, his vision slowly focusing in on his surroundings, outlines beginning to form.

"Bite me, Death." The general said hoarsely, eliciting a chuckle from the High Councilor.

"As cheerful as ever, old friend." Death said smiling. The Grand Marshal laid his hand across his chest, only to find an arm that wasn't his. He looked over, surprised to find the young Aniir, asleep at his bedside.

"She's been at your side for days now." Death said, smiling. "Tending to you, ensuring you had clean bandages, using what healing magic she knows to try and speed your recovery... You may have lucked into a very valuable aide, Val."

"I'm starting to feel that somewhere, someone is watching over us." The Marshal spoke slowly, forming his words carefully.

"Well at least your brain isn't too damaged." The High Councilor said, smirking. "You've been out for several days now, Valk."

"Days?" The Grand Marshal repeated.

"Yes, the nurses said it was a combination of all of your injuries and your sheer exhaustion." Death crossed his arms across his chest. "You had a bad fever for a while there, but thanks to the young one there, you pulled through." Death said, gesturing to the young apostle who was sleeping quietly, her head on her arms atop the bed side table. "She finally fell asleep last night from exhaustion."

"I see..." The Grand Marshal said. He frowned. He had been married once, but that was a long time past. To be watched over so well. It felt nice. He exhaled slowly. "Tell me death, what has happened in my absence?"

"Much indeed." Death said, drawing a chair up and seating himself, crossing his legs and lacing his fingers across his knee. "We've had little contact with our scouts, but the rumors that have travelled with the traders and travelers is that Morello is amassing a minion army."


"Yes. No one knows where they came from, but they number in the tens of thousands. Combined with Morello's forces..." Death's face was grim.

"We stand little chance, even with the Brotherhood at our side." The Grand Marshal said quietly.

"We need more time." Death said, frowning. "We can't march the Black Keep with only the Iron Solari and the Brotherhood's forces. We need more time to continue to build up our forces." Death urged.

"NO." The Grand Marshal said firmly. "We make for the Brotherhood on the planned date. Hopefully, we will be able muster some additional troops on the way." The Grand Marshal swung his legs over the edge of the bed and manhandled himself into a sitting position. Most of the wounds were to his shoulder, but a round had passed through his thigh. "Get me a crutch, would you?" The Grand Marshal grunted with some difficulty.

"You sure about that?" The Death asked handing the man a crutch.

"Just shut up and get out of my way." Val grunted in pain. "Pain is just..." He grunted, "...weakness leaving the body." The High Councilor chuckled.

"Very well." He said, a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. "As stalwart and stubborn as ever. Come, we have much to discuss with his highness. Alliances are being forged... and a great many rumor is beginning to surface in Runeterra." The two strode from the Infirmary, as Aniir slumbered peacefully, catching up on many days lack of rest.

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The feeble Nyandalegion shall feel our wrath, they won't even know what hit them! Whahahahaaaaaa!

-Shiznaz, Tactical Mastermind, Royal Morello Army.

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Valkyrie Lead

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[[If I was going to kill everyone I see, I would've done so by now. I'm not a mass murderer. If I were, I wouldn't even be there to begin with. Let me make this clear. I'm not like other blood reapers who will easily kill their own mothers if asked. Hell, I'm probably the only one that even has a sense of what's right and wrong. There's no need to worry too much about me causing a massacre. Unless, that is, you somehow make me angry enough to the point that I can't control my own fury.]]

[[Save it for the battle field. we have many an enemy ahead of us. Just try to avoid stabbing people next time. In all seriousness i had to pull the spy thing out of my ass. It fit well but just try not to have random allied soldiers attack you without provocation. It makes me have to go off on long winded and excessively creative tirades to keep the story continuity in line.]]

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Msyk then kept rumminating ideas for the next few hours...

Reich, the Soulreaver

Reich was moving about the castle. Asking various guards and servants running about their duties if they had seen Msyk. A few gave him directions, but this place was larger then most people would probably imagine it to be. Ending back up at the balcony where Morello and Msyk had been standing, he looked about and located a nearby guard who was patrolling the throne room. Asking him which way Msyk went, the guard told him where he'd seen him going.

Marching towards the North-western tower, Reich paused for but a moment at the stairs of it. Perhaps he should wait for Msyk to come downwards. No. He needed to know when they were going to be ready to move. The tower went upwards, and he recalled that the third floor was off limits, and any floor higher. He'd be sure to not step off of the stairs onto those floors, and head straight upwards.

Making his way up, as always the tiny temptation to peek out of the other floors doors nagged at his mind. Reich would though. No. It might cause complications that he wouldn't have a need for. He needed to be ready to charge into battle on a moment's notice, and as far as he was aware after the little meeting in the throne room, Msyk knew more then he did.

Finally reaching the top of the tower, the door hatch was already open. Climbing up the last few bits, he emerged in the room just in time to see Msyk shiver.

"Cold?" Reich asked blatantly, wondering why Msyk would be standing out here if he was freezing. The large frame of Reich himself didn't relay whether he was cold or not.