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"best" ranged champion?

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Tristana is fast, hard hitting, and free with subscription the Riots facebook page. Need i say more?
Plus, she has extreme range, and a DoT ability

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I think the best ranged champion is tristana. not only are her quips hilarious, but she is a fireball of destruction. she goes from "ok" to "great" on her carry. so if you are a beginner, she is a really good champion. if you want the best carry, get madred's bloodrazor, philosipher's stone, and berzerker's greaves, in that order (ionic spark if you have extra gold or if the match lasts really long).

as for abilities, get one point on all of your basic abilites, then max explosive and rocket jump (alternating skill points) and get your ultimate when you can obviously.

strategies: once you have explosive shot, it is much easier to mow down minions because of the passive buff from it, getting you a lot of gold in a hurry. save your ultimate until... A) your target has low health, then you rocket jump over them and blast them backwards with buster shot towards your turret, or ally, or minions. B) you have low helath and are being chased by something (if it is a tower then you are screwed) then you blast all of you enemies away from you to make your escape!

hope this helped,

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teemo is pretty great

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Necroing is not.