Dominion Strategy: Pushing Lanes and Farming

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Tenebrae Corvus

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In Dominion players usually rush to capture points and ignore minions. Besides, Promote is hardly a popular spell to speak off. While it's true that a match is won by point captures laning and farming has many benefits. Here's some advice to keep the strategy discussion alive:

- push a lane to defend a point: you keep enemy minions away so that they don't neutralize your point. It also forces the enemy to clear the wave if it reaches their point or risk it being neutralized

- capture with minions: capturing a point with the assistance of minions greatly increases the capture speed. This way you can escape faster if it's the enemy's mid or bot and they have less time to react and disrupt the channelling

- use Garrison if defending: if the enemy pushes minions to attempt a capture they can neutralize the point and let the opponent safely tower-dive you. Pushing the lane is the safest option as Garrison will go on cooldown from time to time

- farm for gold: besides defending and pushing, killing minions gives you gold and allows you to get your build faster. Each melee minion gives 60 gold, each ranged minion 30, so a wave gives 150 gold

- minions are allies too: minions will attack an enemy champion who is attacking you just as in Summoner's Rift. They will also help you capture and delay an enemy capture by attacking the champion or the point

- don't ignore minion damage: a squishy champion that goes for a point capture under the attack of minions can lose as much as half of their health

I hope this helps some players use minions to their advantage and stop ignoring the unsung little heroes of League of Legends. This information is also available in article form at: I posted it here to make it available for as many players as possible.

If you have any tips or advice on minions, please post. Let's keep the strategy discussion aflame. Thanks for reading.