Screen Scrolling

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First of all - yes I am having a rage moment.

This game has the worst scrolling I've ever experienced. I could quit playing this game because of it - and just might. I believe you people developing this game have to come up with a less awkward way to scroll the screen. I use the mouse wheel to scroll usually because moving the mouse to the edge of the screen is not my preference and becomes tedious.

I believe Riot Games should look into this and come up with a smoother way to pan the screen. The screen tends to jerk in the wrong direction when dragging. It sometimes doesn't move at all. It has frustrated me since I started playing this game.

For example:
I was in a team fight and just as I was about to use my ultimate ability (playing as Nocturne), I lose control of my screen while trying to scroll downwards - jerking upwards and losing that split second to pick off a fleeing opponent.

Please if you play other games look at how they scroll and how much better it is. Then think about how much better it would make LoL. It has costed me kills, deaths and team fight losses.

Thanks and please refer from trolling.

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I don't use the middle mouse for scrolling when I'm actually playing but I *have* tried it and it is completely useless. Camera flings itself about with wanton abandon. For people who use it in other games and are used to it as a feature, I can understand why it would be frustrating. Bump for great justice.

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Why don't you use the arrow keys then, you'd have to be pretty quick with moving back to your spells. But it could work.