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Mac Glitches- Lags- Problems

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1. The entire map seems to be too dark. I played LoL on my bootcamp before it got restored and the entire map seemed to be way brighter than the Mac beta. Sometimes, you can't even see where the bush starts. Edges of the map are weirdly cut off- for example, the top, bottom, and sides, have grassy layouts that are cut in a ~~~~~~~~~~ formation.

2. Lag Spikes happen every 2-5 minutes, and are in duration for around 3 seconds, enough to ensure that as an AD carry, I am set upon extremely fast. :P

3. Video Settings seem to be off, aren't what original ones are. For example, resolution was different, pretty sure shadow, character, environment, and all those other ones were set on Very Low when I first entered the game. I'm not sure what the original settings are for Windows players, but if you know, please post it down there .

4. I think players would be more accustomed to the launcher not being open while the PvP.net server is open. Also, when the game is underway, there are 3 programs open. 1: Launcher 2: PvP.net Server 3: Game. I think that when the server is open, go ahead and close the launcher like for Windows.

5. Also, after the game is done, the Continue screen lasts for a while before minimizing for some reason.

That's all Thanks for providing this Mac Beta!!!!!!!!

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Hum. Firstly if you were addressing this to Riot, it's falling on deaf ears. It's Boompje,myself,Ediwir and a few others who are running updates to this client now.

1). This is unusual, but 2) and 3). may be related to it.
State all your in game graphics settings and your system specs please.

4). This has been there since forever. We've been trying to do something to get rid of it, but there isn't much we can do short of a forced shutdown.
5). How long is a while?

You're welcome

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2 is a problem that I have/had; if you scroll over your abilities, especially your passive, at the beginning of the match, then it should help mitigate the lag. Just scroll over them a couple times and it should do the trick.